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It's that time again when women all over the world are thinking about how they will lose holiday weight or that which they've been carrying around longer than a few weeks.

Are You Drinking Yourself Fat?

It’s that time again when women all over the world are thinking about how they will lose holiday weight or that which they’ve been carrying around longer than a few weeks.  I’m here to tell you that there is no easy way to get it off and keep it off.  However, I do have a Tuesday tip for you that just might give you a head start.

Instead of first watching what you eat, try watching what you drink.  A recent study at the University of North Carolina found that Americans consume an average of 450 calories a day in beverages alone.  Stunningly, that adds up to more than 23 lbs of fat a year that has to be worked off or carried around.  Yuck!  Blow the whistle on the fancy coffee drinks, smoothies, sodas, cocktails, and fruit juices!  They are all culprits in sending extra pounds to our thighs.

Is there a way to curb the calories?

You bet.  And it’s not with diet drinks that contain far worse enemies than calories.  That’s another post…

It really is a matter of paying attention to what you’re doing at all times.  The worst thing you can do is go through your day on autopilot without regard to what passes over your tongue.  The first thing you can do is keep a large bottle of fresh water handy.  Just by having it there will lessen your chance of needing alternatives to drink.  I’m not saying that you have to give up all of your treats; just have them in moderation.  Better choices are the goal here.

Have This Instead of That

♦  Fresh squeezed juice instead of bottled fruit juice will not only give you fewer calories but live enzymes to aid in digestion and promote a healthy immune system.

♦  Lemon water instead of soda will hydrate your body without unneeded calories and chemicals.

♦  Regular coffee with non-fat milk instead of a flavored latte will give you your perk without the sugar/dairy overkill.  Try to slowly reduce the amount of sugar you put in your coffee and tea and you will begin to enjoy it less sweet as time goes by.  I’m not really into sugar substitutes as they can contain harmful chemicals.  But there are a few that are okay.  Try Stevia, Honey, or Raw Cane Juice.  Your enemy isn’t really sugar, it’s processed sugar.  Unfortunately, that’s what is in most supermarket and restaurant drinks.

♦  Low or non-fat milk instead of whole milk is always a better choice for the entire family.  I know the latter is rich and yummy, but switching will alleviate those extra calories you’ve been sweating…literally.

♦  Order small drinks or water with fast food meals.  Just because you get a drink with the meal doesn’t mean you have to consume it all or choose a soda.  Water is truly worth more than any cola or sugary shake.

♦  Choose low-calorie alcoholic beverages; such as, lite beer or wine instead of fruity mixed drinks that contain more sugar.

Make an effort over the next few weeks to pay attention to your liquid intake.  You might even want to write everything down just to see for yourself how many calories you are consuming.  Make changes as you can; be patient with yourself.  If you have a healthy drink alternative that you are dying to share with us, please do in the comments!  Be well-be beautiful.

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