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Well, today I want to look at one of the best wellness tips you are ever going to read on this site:

The Best Wellness Tip You’ll Ever Read: Part I

Just in case any of you ladies have chronic pain conditions, here’s a link you might enjoy.  The pain blog carnival for December has loads of great tips for the holiday season.  They have featured one of my posts there.  Please check out the rest of the articles and sites they have put together this month.  Let me know if you would like to see more articles like this on WLL.

The Old You…

Just let her go.  Just let her go.  Just let her go.  I heard repetition is good for effective change.  So, just let her go.  Did I say it enough?  Probably not.  We ladies have trouble with this, don’t we?  Especially those of you who are prone to hanging on to things, people, habits, jobs, and relationships even if they aren’t really positive.  Well, today I want to look at one of the best wellness tips you are ever going to read on this site:  Renewal of body, mind, and spirit.  Yes. You read that right.  So, let’s get started; the new year is approaching quickly.

Because you  live  with yourself every day, you might not really see the crap that needs to go.  That’s why revelation is one the most important facets to change and growth.  If you can’t see it, you can’t remove it.  Right?  Wrong.  There are other ways of coming to a place of understanding.  Let me share an analogy with you…

You know that soap scum and hard water build up that accumulates on your glass shower door and tile?  Well, sometimes it’s there but you can’t see it.  It makes everything dull and, well, scummy.  So, if you can’t see it, how do you clean it off?  You have to feel it.  Yes, you can feel that nasty stuff.  You’ll notice when you run a sponge or other cleaning tool over your shower interior, the areas that are covered with the scum feel different.  After you remove it, the sponge flows easily.  Hmmm, interesting.

In other words, you have to start paying attention to how you feel.  Constant feelings of despair, distrust, disharmony, discord, dis, dis, dis are not good.  They are dulling your life – pure scum.  The bad thing is we can get so used to these emotions that they seem normal and not so bad.  Can you concur with that?  It’s called habitual behavior.  This manifests in many ways: addictions, self-sabotage, anger, depression, anxiety, quitting everything…sound familiar.

Time to Let In the New You

When you have recognized the sludge on the shower door of your life, write down what you discover.  Take some time to prioritize what things you’d like to work on.  Feel into this exercise.  It’s not always the logical things that need to be attended to first.  It could be the smallest, insignificant thing that begs to get noticed.  Changing it might bring about the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for – the momentum you need to keep going.

Hint: You are in control of the speed in which you go.  Taking things slowly is okay.  The important thing is progress.

Below I have listed 10 areas of life that most of us find relevant.  Take a look at them and try to prioritize them in the order of importance to you.



Primary Relationship

Contribution (What you share with the world)

Mind Set






It’s a lot to think about, but if you want to let in a new, improved version of yourself this year, you need to do it.  If you want some help, feel free to contact me personally through the contact page.  And, by all means, if you have some tips of your own to share, do that in the comments.  Part II of this post will be up next week!   Be well-be beautiful.

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  1. Thank you so much for this post Kellie.
    Life is such a paradox.

    We can be of no good use to anyone if we do not take good care of ourselves. But yet, so many of us have been taught that if we take time for ourselves, we are selfish.

    Well, the paradox here is; We have to be selfish in order to be selfless.
    We can only give to others what we give to ourselves. It’s just the way it works.

    If we are loving ourselves, we will project love to others; If we are neglecting ourselves, we neglect others. Think about it.

    People’s spirits sense where we are coming from.


    • You are so right Gina. Hard lesson to learn, though. I watched my mom ignore her needs her whole life and die much too young. It is a serious thing that we women need to pay attention to. Thanks for your insights.

  2. I think it is such a great reminder to pay attention to how you feel. Always such great tips here, Kellie. Hope you have a Happy New Year!

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