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Meet Lina Natale

Women’s Life Link would like to introduce a new friend, Lina Natale.  We had the opportunity to meet while both attending a mutual friend’s party this past fall.  We instantly found common ground that kept us engaged in conversation for quite awhile.  Read on for a closer look at this Beautiful Woman!


WLL – Who is Lina Natale?

Lina – I am the sum of many parts.  I believe this is a quote from the Renaissance.  I am the sum of my soul, spirituality, mind, body, experiences and environment.  I am a human being finding my way in an increasingly chaotic, cacophonous world.  I choose to do this through spirituality primarily.

WLL – What is your life focus?

Lina – To keep things simple.  To pare down.  Through simplicity I believe we can find balance.

WLL – Tell us about a future goal.

Lina – I have currently opened my own interior design company, Lina Natale Interiors.  I want to be independent in my profession.  I also am a numerologist as well. Numerology is like astrology in that it can point to challenges, pluses, and potential solutions. I would like to see both of these flow together and prosper. 

These two professions keep my occupied.  I use a combination of not only the aesthetic with function but also use  numerology and feng shui in the my interior design.  This combines all aspects that are important to me, and I hope provides the client with a beautiful, functioning balanced environment.  Home seems to be the center of life today.  So let’s take interior design to the next level. 

I also have come through a bout of breast cancer.  My future goal is to be healthy and stay healthy.  There is an absolute epidemic going on as far as breast cancer is concerned. I think it is a combination of all the hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and additives in our food.  More importantly, I feel breast cancer is a signal for many women of the grief, heartache or total dissatisfaction they feel.  The spirituality I have spoken of led me to the best doctors, the best medicines, and the willingness to re-evaluate my life through spirituality.   Thanks to the guidance my angels gave me, and the absolute top notch, compassionate care I received from Wishard Hospital- I am well.

WLL – What do you feel is the most common mistake made by women concerning being happy?

Lina – Not keeping things in life simple and balanced.  Over care-giving even to the point of enabling others to your own detriment.

WLL – What is a perfect day?

Lina – A perfect day is waking up healthy and well rested.  Working on a fulfilling interior design project, doing a reading that really gives assistance.  To be aware of what God has put in front of me to be of service.  Many times these opportunities come in the most unexpected way.  Our job is to recognize them and give assistance as needed.  Again, it’s all pretty simple.  So simple that it’s easy to miss.

WLL – What is your best health advice?

Lina – Get your mammogram!  Get your mammogram!  Get your mammogram!

WLL – If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

Lina – Eliminate breast cancer, why not all cancer?  Eliminate all the physical and emotional things that cause cancer.  Think about all that encompasses.


WLL – How do other women see you?

Lina – Not sure,  I am pretty much a fireball by personality.  That definitely has a positive and negative side.  I put off some people because I am pretty much an open book and do not mince words.  On the other hand, some women really appreciate that.

WLL – Who or what inspires you?

Lina – The people at Wishard inspire me.  Seeing someone’s spirit in their eyes.  Seeing God’s beautiful nature all around us. Sometimes, just a flower inspires.  Being grateful for all the mentors I’ve had in my life.

WLL – Do you have any regrets?

Lina – I have so many regrets that I could not be able to list them.  The trick is to turn them into learning and positive experiences to grow by.

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