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Bad Health Can Be Peeled Away

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My Experience with Bio-Communication Testing

I recently visited Dr.Terri Hawkins-Fox for a Bio-Communication assessment.  Though I understand the results are not to replace traditional diagnosis, I put great faith in the programs ability to pin-point the body’s weaknesses and determine what it needs in order to be balanced.  My first time experience with Terri’s new equipment was nothing less than amazing.  After placing my right hand on the metal reader, it was in less than five minutes the printer spit out a lengthy clinical report that included diagrams, explanations of body weaknesses, and details of what products I needed to begin peeling away the layers of imbalance in my body.

Because it’s so important to know where you are when starting a campaign to better health, the program first locates weaknesses in all areas by giving you a Baseline reading.  This crucial data tells your health care provider what she/he needs to know in order to assess you correctly.  The report concluded that my body needed to first work on my lungs and something called a miasm, specifically an inflammation miasm.  The fact that these two areas popped up did not surprise me as I had spent years in a moldy environment without protection from its affects.  The second thing proved that I have been dealing with a genetic weakness in the inflammation department for a LONG time.  The miasm has likely caused much of the muscle and joint pain that I’ve suffered with for much of my life.

For 2 months, I have been taking two homeopathic supplements that the program recommended to put over 30 stressors into balance in my body.  With much elation, I have noticed an improvement in my lungs, with my vocal range coming back and less pain when I breathe.  A success that I needed!  With the miasm supplement, I have been feeling a tad sore and achy, “a normal reaction,” says the doc.  I am on my way to being free of that burden very soon.

I just had my second appointment with Dr. Hawkins-Fox recently and have been set up with my next 4 areas to work on.  I will keep you updated on my progress and the amazing information that the bio-communication technology can give us.

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