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Weight Control

Diet Stress or Stressful Diet?

Without question, our enjoyment - if not our whole world - as one would say, revolves around what we eat or our decision and anticipation of what we will eat. Yes, we all have been recipients of both the contentment and frustration our decisions have created. Truly, haven’t we all - at one time or another - considered refraining from Big Macs, pizza, french fries, pies, and desserts a stress in itself?

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Yo-Yo Dieting Not Harmful???

I was glancing through a prominent women's magazine this morning and had to laugh out loud. I've increasingly seen the "News Flash" or "Breaking News" articles that either say something's going to harm you (when it hasn't ever been a threat) or something's suddenly good for you (when in the past, it was a no-no). I'm confused!

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Food Addiction, Obesity, and Eating Disorders: An Epidemic

Personal Experience When I was in my early twenties, I had an eating disorder. For the sake of being thin and fitting into a size ...

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