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Just so you know, this is one of my favorite blogging days. I get to talk about all kinds of things, people, links, blogs, tips, and even great products, and it's all for you! This week I have some great things to share!

Chocolate, Charity, Chillin’ with a Good Book

Just so you know, this is one of my favorite blogging days.  I get to talk about all kinds of things, people, links, blogs, tips, and even great products, and it’s all for you!  This week I have some great things to share!


My Article at Chic-Critique

Head over there to read about a stellar product that will get your chocolate-loving blood pumpin’!  While you’re there, the site has up-to-date- information and honest consumer reviews to help you choose the best beauty products and fashion.  I love that a group of women (including me) give their opinions on so many different kinds of self-care items.  Enjoy!

Bloggers/Designers Give Back

I was recently asked by blogging friend, Colleen, from Designing DNA to help with an upcoming charitable event that she has put together to aid those still homeless from recent disasters.  I really wanted all of you to know about the cool Flea Market Round Up that will be a fabulous shopping event for anyone who loves beautiful things at low prices.  I will give any further details as I get them over the coming weeks.

What: Flea Market Round Up: Door prizes, interactive events and games, auction, hostesses featured, flea market sale.

When: March 20 and 21.

Where: designing dna

Who’s coming? ddna’s allies in design, both old friends and new, who are donating a percentage of their sales for the weekend or specific items. And as many visitors and shoppers as we can get!

Why:Fun, shopping, benefit for Samaritan’s Purse Re-build program. It’s win/win for all! Buyers find treasures and new websites, sellers find new customers and business, bloggers find new friends and followers, businesses who come on board get great PR, and most importantly, some of those left homeless after disasters, have a home built for them.

Featured Book of the Week

I have been on a real aromatherapy kick lately, so I thought I’d tell you about one of my favorite books that gives comprehensive information and recipes for just about every scent out there.  Aromatherapy for Vibrant Health & Beauty/a Practical A to Z Reference of Aromatherapy Treatments for Health, Skin, and Hair Problems Using Essential has been a rich source of healthful tips and understanding of the healing art of aromatherapy for me.  Practicing this type of natural therapy gives you a new perspective on how wonderful your body is and how easily it responds to nature’s bountiful offering.

Women’s Blogs to Love

A came across the woman-owned, self-titled Betty Ming Liu blog, several weeks ago that I was thoroughly impressed with.  The owner, Betty, shares from a beautiful heart her life-experience, wisdom, and random thoughts.  Her categories include, Body, Soul, Spirit, Love, and Money.  Please check out her unique insights; you won’t be sorry you did!

Well, that’s about it for today.  If you have anything that you’d like Women’s Life Link to share on This and That Tuesdays, please forward me an email via the contact page on the site.  Thanks for spending a few minutes with us!  Be well-be beautiful.

***FYI, we didn’t receive any money or free products to share what we like. But, because we’re Amazon Associates, should you choose to order the Aromatherapy book through our link, we will get some pocket change. Thanks for supporting WLL!

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  1. Great post, Kellie. I’ll be mentioning Colleen’s flea market too. I think she has such a great idea. 🙂

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