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5 Instant Energy Boosters

I don’t know about you, but I have those days when my body and mind just won’t get with the program; I’m almost positive some kind of mutiny has occurred when merely getting out of bed is a five step process.  Even a cool shower doesn’t wake me up enough to do the world (or myself) any good.  Luckily, I have a secret weapon…Buwahhahahaha….I’ll whip that slacker into shape!  That was a little harsh, but, really I do have some strategies for the “Debby Downer” days.  You are in luck, because I’m going to share them with your slacker-girl, er you.

1.  Open the blinds, the drapes, or whatever will let the natural light come in to your home and office.  Because I have photophobia (severe light sensitivity) associated with migraine, I have to block out light any way I can.  In other words, a dark room can become my normal if I’m not careful.  Simply letting the sun in sends a jolt of energy through me.  Even better, when I go out for a shopping trip or just to get the mail, I am instantly reminded that I do need light.  Don’t forget just 10-15 minutes a day of sunlight exposure gives you a nice dose of vitamin D as well.

2.  Get a whiff of or eat a citrus fruit.  Oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits are not only packed with immune-boosting vitamins but actually therapeutically give you a shot of happiness!  Because it is a natural anti-depressant, citrus helps calm your mind, ridding you of any negative thoughts that can cause fatigue- an instant lift is the result.  If I have any citrus that goes bad or is not fit to consume, I drop it in the garbage disposal, run hot water, turn it on, and stand over the aromatic essence that rises from the sink.  It’s an enlightening experience that you must try!

3.  When I get down or lethargically, and completely bored, I watch a comedy.  Now, this can be anything from a romantic comedy or one of my son’s cartoons.  I’ve been known to LMAO at an episode of Phineas and Ferb.  Anyway, the point is to laugh…or at least giggle a little!  What ever you have to do to bring that giggling girl out, do it!

4.  Try something that you didn’t think you could do.  Please be careful with this one.  I once did a round-off at the park (well into my fortieth year) after I was dared to by my daughter and felt like every organ in my body played musical chairs.  The key is to initiate a good flow of adrenaline; you know that chemical that we need to have energy and motivation to accomplish hard stuff.  Simply thinking about doing another gymnastics move like that sets my chemicals off.

5.  Call  or visit someone who always makes you feel great about yourself.  Whether it’s your best friend, coach, hubby, boyfriend, parent, or simply the sales clerk from your favorite clothing store, get in contact and start, well, feeling good about yourself!  Let them know they have this affect on you, too.  Your confidence in them will pass along the warm fuzzies, giving them an even better reason to want to be with you.  Everyone is happy and full of positive energy!

I have more “secret weapons”, but I will share them another time.  I know your time is precious.  But…if you have something you’d like to share with our readers, you know what to do!  Be well-be beautiful.

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