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Dare To Love More

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There is a song that says to live like there is no more tomorrow and love like you are on borrowed time…

Time is so precious. We never know when our last breath will be. We all have people around us suffering in many different ways.

  • A friend of mine found out that a family member does not have much time left on this earth.
  • A co-worker just lost her father to old age.
  • Another friend’s son was in the hospital this week for breathing problems.
  • Someone had a bad day at the office, or lost their job or got turned down for a job. Another person lives alone and feels they will always be alone.

I have talked in the past posts about doing. And then also of Doing MORE. So this post is about LOVING MORE. I just want to encourage others to share love. It is an action verb after all. With all actions there are consequences. Now, I know we normally see the word consequence and think immediately of a bad repercussion. But a consequence CAN be a good thing.

“con·se·quence”: Noun; A result or effect of an action or condition.

What are some results or effects that loving others can have on your life?

  • You will have happier moments with family and friends.
  • You will stress less because you will not be thinking of how that last argument could be your last words to someone.
  • You will smile more.
  • You will laugh more.
  • You will look around and take things in differently.
  • You will see the world through a different set of glasses.

Go on… I dare you to love more.


About Karin Rochelle

My desire is to reach out to women with three goals in mind. Encourage. Enlighten. Engage. I also carry these desires into my music. This year I hope to expand my horizons not just for myself, but for those around me. I would like to encourage women to build each other up, to take risks and focus on goals and succeed in the challenges of everyday life. Nothing is too hard to accomplish with a support system. I want to enlighten or reconnect them to concepts they hold dear but have fallen away from, teaching how to make wiser decisions that not only focus on personal well being but that of mankind.

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