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Elements of Relaxation

As I woke to the light pitter-patter of morning rain, I realized how serene and utterly relaxed I felt.  Normally, I despise the existence of any hour of the day before 9:00 A.M.; I’m not a morning person – today was different.  The rain was like a serenade that skillfully brought me to a wakeful state.  I wanted to begin my day; I was ready for whatever it was going to bring me.

If you know me personally, then you have inside info on my need for nature; whether it be animals, plants, storms, lakes, etc..  I thrive on being near God’s creation.  Its magnetic force seems to draw me closer to the earth and relaxes my mind long enough to figure out what direction I need to go.   Which brings me to the point of this post.  Sorry it took 2 paragraphs to get there.  You have to bear with writers sometimes- we like words.

The Elements

Water, Air, Fire, and Earth – everything we are, everything we touch, and everything we need is made up of at least one of these 4 elements.  It’s no wonder that we feel safe, warm, and relaxed while in their presence.  People go on expensive vacations to far away places just to be near oceans, the great forests, mountains, waterfalls, and warm climates. Even the brisk cold of remote ski lodges appeals to some – if they come with roaring fires to warm their bones after falling one too many times on the slopes.

Seeking Nature for Relaxation

Water – The element that allows our bodies to distribute blood throughout every organ – to every cell.  It also brings cleansing.  A slow-moving creek brings with it sounds that can lull you into a meditative splendor; and the roaring pitch of a mammoth waterfall enlists a sense of power and demands your attention. We need to be both mesmerized by its beauty, its tranquility and be cleansed by its purity.  If a trip to a body of water is not possible, try the following easy and inexpensive short cuts to nature’s liquid therapy.

  • Add a garden or indoor water element.  These are inexpensive and usually easy to find at garden stores.
  • Pick up a relaxation CD or DVD that depicts sounds of the ocean, rain, or a flowing creek.
  • Take a nice long bath (one of my favorites).
  • Take a shower.
  • Sit outside on a porch or deck while its raining; this can be very liberating.

Air – We breathe the life-giving substance without thought to its power to cleanse and distribute oxygen to our vital organs.  Personally, I love the feeling I get after a deep-breathing session.  I’m more relaxed at that moment than any other part of the day.  Your lungs need the extra oxygen to complete the housecleaning tasks for which they are responsible.  When we breathe shallowly, we rob our bodies of the normal exchange of oxygen -carbon dioxide.  In addition to deep-breathing, try the following ways to get a little extra air into your life.

  • Spend time outside when its windy.  Take in the fresh air that the weather brings your way.
  • Purchase an air-purifier for your home and office.  This truly is a health booster for everyone.
  •  Visit a botanical garden or state park.  Plants give off oxygen.
  • Add house plants to every room of your home.

Fire – This element has mystery, intrigue, romanticism, and even intense painful memories for some.  Also, it’s long been a key to humanity’s ability to survive in the cold months of winter, to cook our food, and to travel to far away places.  Along with the basic need we have for energy (fire) I found that using it for relaxation is powerful.  See if you too can find its calming affect in the following ways.

  • Sit in front of your fireplace in the cooler months and a fire bowl (outside) in the warmer ones.
  • Paint a red wall in one room of your home.  The color red represents fire in the ancient art of Feng Shui.
  • Sit and meditate during an electrical storm; the air is charged with energy that you can harness for yourself.
  • Burn safe, organic candles throughout your home.  The warm glow instantly transforms your space into a haven for entertaining, romance, or just a night by yourself.

Earth – The very substance in which our bodies are made.  It’s no wonder that many find gardening pleasant and even meditative.  Remember making mud pies as a child?  Kids know how to be one with nature.  We should take a hint.  Keep in mind, it isn’t just dirt that fits into this category; it’s stone, metal, and even precious gems.  This element is the one we girls love!

  •  Get back to the garden.  Spend a day outside in your own flower bed or ask a friend to let you piddle around in theirs.
  • Go hiking at a local park or trail.  Just being close to the earth brings a sense of connection that you can’t get indoors.
  • Use rocks, shells, quartz, and wood to decorate your home.  I love to have nature represented in my living space.
  • Purchase energy-charged stones and jewelry.  The extra boost of positive energy will enhance your life in many ways.
  • Create a zen garden of sand, stones, and whatever else makes you feel calm and happy.  These can be small (coffee table size) or larger (outside garden).

I hope you find the above information helpful.  Finding a place of relaxation in our busy lives can be difficult to say the least.  Experiment with each element with the intention to find a new connection to the Creator and to creation itself.  Be well.

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***I have read the book A Western Guide to Feng Shui: Room by Room and recommend it as a beginners guide to the art.  Please be aware that I am an Amazon Associate and do receive a small revenue if you purchase this book through my link.

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