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Healthcare In a Perfect World

Tip of the Iceberg Tuesday

(a little controversy for your day)

With healthcare at the peak of political discussion and debate right now, I thought it a good time to chime in my two cents about the subject.  First, let me explain that this post is by no means a political view or one that puts me at the feet of any party.  What I care about is women and their families getting healthy and staying that way.

So, if I had a magic wand, I would make the following things happen in our healthcare system.  If it resembles any one’s “plan”, it’s just a coincidence.

1.  All medical schools would have to teach alternative medicine as a viable alternative to surgery and pharmaceuticals.  They would even encourage the referral of such practices once the students graduate.

2.  If and when patients exhaust mainstream medicine to get better, and they still don’t, insurance companies would pay for alternative medicine therapies by credible practitioners.  Or even better, they would pay for them first.

3.  Insurance plans would cover good, everyday vitamin and mineral supplements like they do for prenatal care.

4.  There wouldn’t be such a partnership between the FDA, government, and the pharmaceutical companies.  (You know that you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours thing.)

5.  Children would begin to learn about true health as early as kindergarten.  The concepts of the body’s self-healing power, proper posture, anti-stress techniques, and even the difference between good water and bad water.

6.  There would be strict guidelines as to how our food is grown and our livestock is raised…to the point that money would not be the main concern, but instead, the health of humans would be the most important thing.

7.  The western cultures would embrace the eastern methods of health more easily, realizing that there is credibility to the knowledge that comes from thousands of years of successful practice.

8.  Government grants would be given to organizations and individuals who promote natural health to the public.  The money would fund health fairs, websites, books, classes, and help low income families get care.

9.  Education and awareness would stop the vicious cycle of ill-health.

10.  Wealthy countries would not be allowed to waste the food and healthcare products that they do.

In my perfect world this would be the normal.  Tell us your ideas for a perfect healthcare system.  As in the photo above, do you feel that our hands are tied when it comes to facilitating these kind of changes?  What would you change if you could?  Be well-beautiful.

Photo by Lady Daisyx

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