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Fashion Dos and Don’ts: Avoiding Bloopers

1.  Do pay attention to where you walk; I once caught my heel in a drainage grate.  If only everyone could be rescued by a handsome doctor when they step in a hole. (Photo from Columbia Pictures, The Wedding Planner).

2.  Do be honest with a friend if she needs to change something about her outfit.  You wouldn’t want her to let you go out in a too-tight dress or a shade of lipstick that makes your teeth look yellow.  It’s just good Karma.

3.  Don’t leave home in that dress that keeps popping the buttons.  There is nothing about the club or restaurant that is going to make it fit right.

4.  Do remember if the shoes hurt your feet in the store, they are really going to hurt you after you wear them for the day.

5.  Do buy the adhesive tape to keep “the girls” secure if your dress has a deep neckline.

6.  Don’t buy evening attire and formal gowns at the department store where everyone shops.  Instead, take a mini-trip out of the area and visit a store that your town doesn’t have.  It beats arriving at the event wearing the same dress as someone else.

7.  Do keep a pair of black flip-flops in your car just in case you have a long night on the dance floor and need a rest from your 4″ stilettos.

8.  Don’t cry over spilled milk or soy sauce for that matter.  Keep a Tide-to-go pen and some moist towels in your purse for emergencies.  Every time I get sushi, I drop it on my pants.  I learned.

9.  Do carry your “girl” products in your purse at all times even if you think it’s not that time of the month.

10.  Do examine that chair, bench, or car seat you are getting ready to sit on.  Bobby’s gum won’t look good stuck to the back of your white pants.

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