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Fortunate Friday: Revelation

This week has been one of soul-searching and self-examination…no, not the breast kind.  I’ve been seeking to understand myself in a greater way- the inside person who drives the bus, so to speak.  It’s not all glory and gum drops you see.  It’s been a tough journey of realizing that I have a ton of work to do.  Not that I thought I was perfect; I just didn’t expect the list to be so long.  That’s OK…I like a good challenge.  With the help of Karen Coffey, a prominent spiritual life coach and author, I’ve accessed my life in ten main areas.  With this eye-opening program that includes daily meditation, homework, and journaling my thoughts and Spiritual interactions, I’ve learned more in one week than in the years of hit-and-miss self-discovery.  Go figure.

Moving On

The important thing here is taking what I’ve learned and continuing on a path of growth that includes meeting goals regularly.  This is where the expertise of a professional life coach comes in.  They tend to push and prod you into the kind of awareness that makes things happen.  And they do it so well that you don’t even know it’s happening sometimes.  Because I am on track to begin my own life coaching business next year, I am paying close attention to my own responses (ups and downs) to the guidance of another.  It is this that will make me a better coach for other women in the future.

I am truly thankful for revelation today.  I ask you to share a prominent moment in your life that you became aware of something that changed you forever.  Be well-be beautiful.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful journey and something I would enjoy as well. It seems we never really quite ‘arrive’. At least not on this side of the grave 🙂 And if we think we have then we are often deceiving ourselves or caught in a holding pattern.

    Please continue to keep us updated on this.
    ES Tilton

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