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Is Coffee Good for You?


This week, Dr. Lamse talks about the health benefits of coffee and answers a question submitted by Kellie.  If you have a question or topic for any of the panel doctors, please submit them on the contact page.  One or all of the physicians will answer your questions either on the site or via email.

Dr. Lamse’s Wellness Tip of the Week

Good news!  I found another report that coffee can be good for you (if you don’t have any bad side effects to it, that is high blood pressure or heart rhythm problems or palpitations).  Just make sure it’s organic, as coffee can be sprayed a lot with pesticides.  The benefits may include: decreasing risk of developing colon cancer and diabetes.  However, coffee can “overwork” the adrenal glands, so it’s not wise to overdo it.  It is also important to watch what you put in your coffee; the cream that never goes bad, even outside the fridge; and lots of sugar do not make for life extension.

Reader Question

Q. Kellie asks:

I have recently had extremely dry lips (more than the usual dry weather chapped lips) and they are swollen and even have a slight numb feeling.  Well, today I noticed that the feeling is spreading to the inside of my lips and mouth.  I haven’t used any new products lately, so I don’t think it’s an allergic reaction.  If it was a food, it would likely be gone by now.  What do you think this could be?

A. Dear Kellie,

I cannot be sure without examining you, but it may be an allergy and/or thrush.  You may want to look for oral probiotics (such as lozenges).

Re: using new products:  Allergic reactions can also happen without apparent rhyme or reason that we can think of.  If it persists, you should see your doctor or dentist for a proper diagnosis.

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