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Should I Take My Dreams Seriously?

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The Night Messenger: Are You Listening?

You wake up in a sweat, terrified by the images from a reoccurring nightmare. The question “what the hell does that mean?” haunts you until eventually the dream and details slip through the cracks of your subconscious mind.  I’ve lived this scenario far too many times to count and definitely too many to talk about here.  The interesting thing about dreams and our psyche is there are no flukes or mistakes.  Our minds process that which needs to come to the forefront.  Often we ignore conscious signs of this process, so the subconscious has no choice but to take over the project…so to speak.

I’m not saying every dream has a deep spiritual, life-changing meaning; however, reoccurring symbols, people, objects, and places could be messages worth paying attention to. The reason I’m even talking about this is to help you understand that your human experience, your entire life is a well-oiled machine that moves from one second to the next with drive and purpose even if you’re not aware of it.  That’s why it’s important to listen to your inner voice, to your dreams, to every pivotal idea.  I’ve discovered so much about myself through this type of self-communication.

Though dreams can be a powerful way to recognize inner stress and cumulative issues, the body has other significant ways to speak to us; such as, physical pain and conditions, tears, joy, intuitive knowledge, sense of well-being or the opposite sense that something is wrong. How often have you ignored the above signs of communication from your authentic self?  Don’t worry; we all miss them and even purposely dismiss them on occasion depending on the message.  Remember, we don’t do anything or stop doing something unless there is a payoff.  Ignoring the soul’s cry for help may be a coping mechanism to detour severe pain or fear.  Unfortunately, this practice usually prolongs stress and prevents true change and personal growth.

Watch the following video for tips on remembering your dreams. They really do help!

Be Beautiful-Be Creative-Be Happy!


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