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What is Your Health Footprint?


It is a well known fact that we are influenced by whom we hang around, live with, and even whom we share our time with online (the blogosphere).  So, it’s safe to say that if we are health conscious than others around us may take a hint and get healthy, too.  On the other hand, if you are a donut junkie who brings your spoils to the office daily, guess what…you are also influencing your world.  Every minute we see, hear, taste, feel, and smell the actions of others around us, just as they do ours.  What example did you set forth today?  Are you contributing positive or negative health footprints to the sand on which you are walking?

I was visiting the Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield website (our insurance company) and noticed their promotion called the Health Footprint.  It intrigued me enough to actually go through their questionnaire to calculate mine (you’ll have to visit to get this).  Basically, it’s a series of questions about your current state of health, your activity levels, diet, toxic levels, and your social influence.  Together, your answers calculate a number that is your personal Health Footprint (how much influence you may have in your world).  Cool, huh?  Mine is a 10,o37…only because of this website.

Tell Us About Your Health Footprint

I’d love to hear about your score and what you may want to do better in the days, weeks, and months to come.  I want to improve my overall activity level.  This will increase my score by leaps and bounds as I will influence those closest to me first.  If you haven’t visited my 90 Day Health Challenge, please do.  My main goal is to help myself be a healthier woman so I can influence others around me; that includes you – my readers!  Be well-be beautiful.

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