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How To Eliminate Anxiety

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If you’ve ever suffered from panic or anxiety attacks, then you know how frightening they can be. I remember having one at the hospital as I was being put into an MRI machine.  I felt like I was going to die even though I knew in my mind I was perfectly safe.  The mind is powerful and can be our best asset or our worst enemy.  The scariest thing was that I didn’t expect it.  I’d had experienced several MRIs previously and had been calm and comfortable.  Later, I figured the additional stress was triggered by the onset of one of the worst migraine headaches I’d ever had.  The pain, fear of the unknown, and the enclosed space all contributed to my irrational panic.  I don’t have an anxiety issue, but occasionally it does pop up it’s ugly head .

I’ve recently come across some information that some of you may find useful. The article said that instead of resisting the ominous feelings of panic and anxiety, that you should welcome them…even try to have them.  When I first read it I thought it was weird, but when I really thought about it, it made a lot of sense. Read on for details…

One of the reasons we get anxiety is that we find ourselves in situations which are out of our control. Well, I realized that if you actually try to have an anxiety attack (I experimented with this), you can’t trigger one.  With the intentional thoughts of having an attack, your body doesn’t see the threat and does not respond with the defensive fear.  You are in control because you’ve purposely put the trigger thoughts in your mind.

I really believe this concept is a key to overcoming all fears. With fear being the number one reason most women don’t succeed at their dreams and goals, this information is incredibly valuable to everyone, even if you don’t have panic and anxiety issues.  Barry Joe McDonagh, former panic and general anxiety disorder sufferer and the founder and creator of the program Panic Away, has studied and perfected his system for years now and has over 40,000 people saying it worked for them.  His method is 100% all natural and widely accepted as one of the best anxiety treatments around.  You can learn more about it in the 7-part Mini Series that he’s giving away for free.  Let me know what you think about his concept.

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