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Every year around this time, I think about what condition my body is in for the summer season; the dreaded call of the pool, the beach, and any other activity for which you normally wear shorts whispers ever so softly but loudly taunts my self-esteem. If you are a mother, you know what I'm talking about.

I’m Afraid to Wear a Bathing Suit

True Confession

Every year around this time, I think about what condition my body is in for the summer season; the dreaded call of the pool, the beach, and any other activity for which you normally wear shorts whispers ever so softly but loudly taunts my self-esteem.  If you are a mother, you know what I’m talking about.  To what degree of this condition of swim suit phobia I have, I do not know.  Give me jeans, skirt, jacket, t-shirt, and any other form of clothing that covers most of  my body, and I’m fine.  In fact, I’m more than fine; I thrive with self-confidence.  So what is it about baring our bodies to strangers at the pool that bothers us so much?

The Problem is My Attitude

I know all the right things to say to other women about their bodies and fashion dilemmas, but with this, I need your help.  For some reason I will fore-go so many fun times with my children just because I hate wearing a bathing suit.  I long to find the one piece of Lycra that reaches past my fear and seduces me over to the side of reason.  In considering a new outlook on this topic, I’ve researched some suits that just might be my ticket to freedom.  There is the Miracle Suit, the Shape FX Suit, the women’s all over control slender tunic swimsuit by Lands End, and this list goes on and on.  I’m oh so much smarter than that; it’s not the suit…it’s me.  Realistically, I could wear any suit I wanted if the being half-naked part wasn’t a factor.

A Call For Help

Not everyone suffers from this debilitating disease; I’ve seen some pretty interesting bodies at the beach.  Some women just whip out the saggy girls, the stretch marks, the spider veins and have no problem.  I don’t judge them; I envy them.  For one summer I’d like to be that fun-loving creature who has no boundaries and modesty about her flaws.  Women of the web, I beseech you.  HELP!  Please leave your suggestions and comments pronto; it’s getting hot!

1.  Consider the following questions when commenting:

2.  Have I ever had a swimsuit blooper?

3.  How do I feel about wearing a bathing suit?

4.  How did I overcome my fear?

5.  Is there a suit out there that looks so good that it would tame anyone’s fear?

6.  What do you think others think of you on the beach?

7.  What is your favorite work-out book?  (Mine is The SHOW IT LOVE Workout)

Photo of Shape FX Embroidered Halter; Available at Spiegel.com, $69. (I would have used a photo of me, but…you know).

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