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Hey, there's nothing wrong with rockin' to your favorite oldie tune from a bygone era, but let me give you nostalgic gals some advice, keep your music, but bring your hair and makeup into the new millennium.

Keeping Your Hair and Fashion Updated

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with rockin’ to your favorite oldies from a bygone era, but let me give you nostalgic gals some advice, keep your music, but bring your hair and makeup into the new millennium. It truly is a good idea to ask someone you trust, “How Do I Look?” So many women don’t reach their beauty potential because they are stuck in a past decade fashion rut. The rut I’m talking about keeps its victims from experimenting with exciting new trends and manages to keep them thinking that they look good in what they wore in college. Dressing for success in your personal and business life is not rocket science, ladies.  Here’s a few tips to get you going.

Excuses For Not Changing With the Times

1.  I don’t know how to look fashionable. (Buy a magazine.)
2.  I can’t afford nice, new clothes. (Goodwill is great!)
3.  I don’t feel comfortable dressing that way. (Find something that makes you feel pretty.)
4.  I don’t have time to fuss over my looks. (You won’t say that when people notice the change for the good.)
5.  I love my long, stringy hair that has no style. (Girl, just let it go.)
6.  My husband loves the way I look…has for 25 years. (Are you sure?)
7.  I don’t want people to look at me. (Trust me; they’re looking.)
8.  It’s a waste of time and money. (Be quick; be frugal.)
9.  I’m too fat or skinny to be in style. (There are tricks to help both issues.)
10.  I can’t find anything that looks good on me. (You mean, you don’t want to.)

Have you said or thought any of these things? If you have, then its time that you take another look at yourself in the mirror and let go of that mantra that has gotten you where you are today…in a fashion rut.

Your Clothing

First, let’s address your clothing. I know we all have items in our wardrobe that are like family to us. Whether it’s that fave pair of jeans or that cashmere sweater that has seen better days, there is likely something that you have never considered letting go of. Well, maybe it’s time. If you could just see that by replacing those items with new, classic pieces, you will be taking the first step in fashion rehabilitation.

Make Shopping Fun

Make a big deal out of shopping for the updated versions of your favorites. Don’t forget to take a trusted friend or family member with you to the mall. You might need the encouragement and fashion advice. Teenagers are great for this task as they are usually up on the latest trends. It doesn’t hurt to skim the fashion magazines (age appropriate ones) for pictures of outfits that you like. Take them along when you shop so you don’t forget what you are looking for.

Meeting Your New Clothes

In addition to your tag-along shopping buddy, take any undergarments that you will need to try on clothes, like a body slimmer or strapless bra. I also think it is a good idea to wear comfortable, simple clothing so the dressing room experience doesn’t turn into a work out. If you usually wear makeup, apply it before going out, that way you look your best to meet your new clothes.

Build Confidence One Day at a Time

Lastly, be patient, the transformation may not happen overnight. Start slowly and work through any barriers to your new look. Just getting one new piece of clothing may be all you need to get you started toward a greater confidence.

Oh, That Hair!bad-hair-day

Remember the Mullet, Shag, and the Beehive, though my wonderfully talented hair stylist would find a way to make all three of those dated styles look hip and polished, I doubt many of us could or should attempt a trip to the bad hairstyle graveyard. Okay, maybe they weren’t so bad in their day, but the key words here are “in their day.” I used the three obvious examples of hair gone wrong to produce a visual for you. Even people with bad hair will chuckle at someone sporting a mullet. The point is it’s time to stop the madness; tell you hairdresser to give you a new look. If they have a mullet, maybe you should get a new hairdresser.

Outdated Hair Will Age You

Like the out-of-style clothing, dated hair can age you. If you are quickly noticing that you don’t get the attention that you used to back in the day, then you likely need to do something about it. Yes, you can start fresh with a haircut and/or a color change. Don’t make it harder than it is. Look through some magazines and find a look that you are attracted to and just do it! It will help to choose a style that looks good on a model with a similar face shape to your own. If you are still unsure, there are computer programs that can show you what you will look like with any hairstyle.

Ask the stylist to show you how to style your own hair so you don’t get frustrated when you try it solo.  Again, moral support is good. Take along a friend who is excited about seeing you make some rewarding changes. Enjoy the process. Good things are headed your way!

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