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There is an often neglected element of fitness of which many people are unaware. It is the amazing benefits of stretching. I am grateful to my former training as a dancer where I learned this discipline.

Living the Fit Life: Stretching


Living the Fit Life: Stretching
By Donna Martelli (Fitness Trainer)

As a Personal Trainer, I often encounter clients and potential clients who desire to whip their bodies into shape in the shortest amount of time – maybe for an event to fit into a dress or for a reunion where they want to look absolutely smashing!  Never mind that the pounds and the lack of fitness have been creeping up from months, even years, of unhealthy choices!

Most understand that they must burn more calories than they are consuming in order to loose weight.  So we calculate their caloric requirements for maintaining and then for loosing the desired amount of weight in the time they have allotted.  But it is not just calories, but proper nutrition and proper supplements in the proper balance – but that is another article!  Today, I want to focus on a vitally important component to “the fit life”- stretching.

The Neglected Act

There is an often neglected element of fitness of which many people are unaware.  It is the amazing benefits of stretching.  I am grateful to my former training as a dancer where I learned this discipline.  What does your dog, cat or even bird do every morning first thing?  They stretch!  Looks like it feels so good – because it does!  Stretching presses on the blood vessels and gets things moving after a long sleep.  It also helps prevent injury as you exercise.

As a part of your fitness training, stretching is vitally important.  Muscle groups work together. A tight muscle causes limitation in it’s counter part that you are trying to strengthen.  For example, if you are working your quads for strength, but your hamstrings are too tight, they will limit the range in which your quads can work.  Same if you are working your biceps but your triceps are too tight, you can’t get the range to work your biceps.  That’s why I always say, “Stretching is the flip side of strength training.”

Your fitness routine should always include:

1.  Strength/resistance training with weights, bands, tubes or machines

2.  Cardio training – keeping your heart n it’s target zone for 15-29 consecutive minutes

3.  Stretching

4.  Proper nutrition and supplements

***Remember to consult your health care provider before beginning any fitness routine.  Please post any questions or comments that you may have.  I am here to help you be the best that you can be…from the Inside Out!

To learn more about Donna Martelli or to schedule a personal fitness consultation, please visit her at Beautifulbodiesfitness.com.

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  1. I know that stretching is good for you but why does it feel so good? The only thing I can equate it to is the feeling you get after intercourse. I may be crazy but I would love for someone to answer this. I don’t get why stretching is so euphoric? Any help would be great

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