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Beautiful Soaps: Product Review

A Beautiful Find

I was fortunate to come across Beautiful Soaps on Etsy.com while searching for natural products to review on the site.  Owner, Heather Smith, graciously agreed to send me some free samples of several products for trial so I could give you ladies an honest opinion about what she creates and sells.  Among the items she forwarded was her luscious Natural Lip Balm that, BTW, I am in love with.  This delightful product that gives instant relief from dry lips is made from natural vegetable, seed, and nut oils and unrefined butters.  The other thing that I noticed is it gives my lips a fuller look when I use it alone or under lip color – a bonus that I didn’t expect!  You have to try it!

I was also able to try her Pearly White teeth product that provided an interesting experience the first couple of times I used it.  It is actually a soap for your teeth.  I can’t say that this was my favorite, but I got used to the flavor and texture after a few times.  It’s definitely something that I will consider as an alternative to traditional toothpaste that contains harmful chemicals.  I think I would enjoy it more if it had a stronger mint flavor.  You have to try it for yourself to understand what I mean.lip balm

Heather is a true artisan when it comes to mixing unique soap scents.  You’ll find dozens of combos on her site.  I tried the lavender/patchouli and found it pleasant for all over use.  I say, you can’t go wrong with handmade, natural soaps when it comes to experts like Heather who put much time and creativity into their products.  She also sent me one of her beeswax candles to try.  I learned that these types of candles actually give off negative ions that aid in purifying the air.  And though it was scent-free, I loved knowing that while burning it, I wasn’t inhaling toxic fumes from chemicals and unnatural components.

I am so glad to have met Heather and had the opportunity to try some of her healthful products.  She has offered a special for WLL readers that includes free shipping, a free Natural Lip Balm and Pearly White Teeth with any order.  You do need to let her know that you are a Women’s Life Link follower to receive the favors.  Please visit Heather’s site for more information; such as, ingredient lists, available products, and her profile.  Be well-be beautiful!

Photo by Valentina Kallias

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