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Meet Heather Smith

Women’s Life Link would like to introduce Heather Smith, owner of Beautiful Soaps.  As with all of our “Beautiful Women”, Heather is a wonderful example of someone who is inspiring and talented.  Please see the product review that we did recently.  Read on to learn more about this Beautiful Woman.


WLL – Who is Heather Smith?

Heather – Hello, I’m Heather Rai Smith of Beautiful Soaps. I’m married to my wonderful childhood friend Dustin. We don’t have any kids, but have a very spirited husky who brings us lots of laughs.

WLL – What is your life focus at this time?

Heather – I love the morning and wake up early to get the day started. I try to live stress free and focus on being happy. I try not to think about money, or material possessions and find it very exciting when I make something I’ve desired!

WLL – What inspired you to start your business?

Heather – I have always had very dry skin so when I began using natural soap it had such a wonderful, dramatic effect on my skin; I dove right into researching. I found so much information, (and still am) about the benefits of natural verses store bought chemical laden products. I began my soap addiction as a buyer. Then I realized I was creative and resourceful too. And began my journey into soap making.

WLL – In what ways do you feel your dedication to natural health and beauty has affected you and your family?

Heather – There are so many areas in my life that are affected by using and creating handmade bath and body products! For one, It’s influenced my cooking and eating habits. Making soap is like cooking, and a good cook will always be creating new and improved recipes.

I also make an environmentally friendly laundry soap. Within a couple of months my body had detoxed from the chemicals and dyes in commercial brands. How do I know this? The painful hard way. We had some ‘evil chemical laden’ laundry soap leftover and my husband thought it would be a good idea to use it up. I had a massive allergic reaction, and it took a while to figure out why. Wow, I have used this stuff my whole life and nothing had ever happened. It really made me think about what is actually in household, bath and beauty and personal products. We also brush our teeth with an essential oil soap!

WLL – Describe a perfect day in your life.

Heather – A perfect day in my life would be one of complete and total rest and restoration, for my body and spirit. A massage, reflexology session, and laughing with psalms playing softly in the background.

WLL – What do you think is the most important health/wellness practice for today’s woman?

Heather – Believe in, cherish, forgive yourself and others and realize that you’re unique and wonderfully made. I think you can use all the best, natural, organic products you’d like, but if you’re full of toxic energy toward yourself or others you’ll never reach your full health potential. So be filled with sunshine!

WLL – How do you deal with stress?

Heather – I cry and pray. It’s cleansing and I guess I’m just a big baby – but it works for me.

WLL – Who or what inspires you?

Heather – Nature totally inspires me! I get so excited about natural herbs, seed within seed yielding plants and the amazing healing effects they can really have on your body. I think we are too quick sometimes to run to the pharmacy to find the answer. Though, I know that many people have been helped by prescriptions, I feel it’s an ‘industry’ dead set on dollar signs.

WLL – Tell us about a future goal?

Heather – My goal is to be better to myself and others. At the fear of sounding ‘aimless’, I can honestly say that I’m content and living in the now; I am very happy.

WLL – What would you change about yourself if you could?

Heather – My weight and height. Of which, I can change only one. I’m too fluffy and wish I could resist the pasta. I would love to be temperate and have amazing willpower to eat right and exercise daily. I love myself and am thankful for each and every day I’ve been given.

Please visit Heather at her Beautiful Soaps website on Etsy.com.  And don’t forget to show her some love by leaving a comment.  Be well-be beautiful

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  1. So nice to “meet” you, Heather! Your soaps sound wonderful!

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