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Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Street


It’s a beautiful day in Indy; the birds have been serenading since around 5:00 AM. My soul is connected to nature more now than ever.  I believe in the force that drives us all to live and breathe.  In considering my place in the world, I suddenly got a picture of a child standing at the edge of a street, wanting to cross but a little hesitant because of all the times she was warned that something “bad” could happen.  She wants what is on the other side, she excitedly thinks but knows that there are obstacles to getting there.

“Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.” ˜Doug Firebaugh 

Moving ahead in life (crossing the street) is just another way of bringing clarity about who you are and understanding of “what” lies before you.  Though there may be scary things or challenges to that move, it still is a part of life, the “real” life we are supposed to live.  It’s OK to be hesitant, but with all courage girded up, the best thing is to “look both ways before crossing” and proceed when It feels right.

Asking for Help

Even a child knows they have limitations and is aware of actions  that  should not be attempted without help. We really aren’t a whole lot different when we grow up; we still need help from time-to-time.  It’s a lot easier to move when you know that others have your back…like the child that knows mom or dad is standing close by, hand outstretched, ready to assist in her next step.

It’s Worth Another Look… just in case

One of the things I always do while driving is be constantly aware of where I am, what is around me, and what danger might be lurking ahead – true defensive driving.  When I make any kind of turn, I always look both ways and then look back to the left one more time before I pull out into any intersection.  This precaution has saved me from many accidents.  The world has too many people who don’t look before they leap…it’s those people from which we must defend ourselves.

One thing I understand about any kind of progress whether it be “life” or “vehicular travel” is that to be driven by fear hinders and actually makes bad things happen; to be moved by confidence and clarity gets you there and more securely.

Ask yourself:  What is on the other side of the road that you want? What obstacles are in your way?  How do you proceed?  Feel free to tell us about your special “crossing”.

Be Beautiful-Be Creative-Be Happy!

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