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Meet Konstadina Alkistis Sadoriniou – Adhen

Women’s Link Link would like to introduce, Konstadina Alkistis Sadoriniou – Adhen- a long name for a woman with a long list of accomplishments and aspirations.  In the business of helping others through holistic healing and wellness, Konstadina charges forward in the battle to educate the world about therapies that are not widely understood.  With The Spiritual Art – A new and unique way toward experiencing your Higher Self and many other proven techniques, she opens the hearts and minds of her clients.  She has recently sent me an Emotional Healing kit that I will be reviewing soon.  Please read on to learn more about this interesting woman whom WLL considers to be a new friend.

WLL – Who is Konstadina?

Konstadina – My full name is Konstadina Alkistis Sadoriniou – Adhen. As you can see it is so long people never use my full name and I can’t really blame them =).

Difficult question this one: who am I. Who we are covers so many different aspects of living, including the many different roles we play in this physical world. The answers can be so multiple that I’m thinking of which type of answer to go for.

Well, in terms of a profession, I’m a personal growth trainer and coach, a complimentary therapist & teacher, a visionary artist, author and ordained minister. In my personal life, I’m a daughter, wife, mother, sister, friend, konstadina1and a society member like many other people. I come from the cosmopolitic island of Rhodes, Greece where the sun shines 300 days out of the 365, but my thirst for knowledge and adventure has taken me around the world. I’m presently living in the UK with my family.

I consider myself a being who is part of a greater whole, endevouring to contribute towards achieving planetary abundance of health, wealth and happiness. I participate in this universal effort by endevouring to become a better person myself and assisting others create a better life for themselves in which ever way I can.

WLL – What is your life focus right now?

Konstadina– My focus is on how I can be all that I can be and offer that to others either on a personal level or professional level. To find ways of bringing balance to all aspects of life and maintaining sustainable levels of well-being for me and my family is vital. Then from that platform, to be able to give my best to others. I feel I’m here on this planet to help others in whatever small or big way. Either on a personal level or professional level my life seems to be guided by the aspect of service to others. Being able to maintain balance between service to others and service to self is a major priority on which I’m focused at the moment.

WLL – What do you find rewarding about your career?

Konstadina – I am rewarded when I receive feedback that something I have said, done, or created has made a difference in someone’s life, has brought some benefit, has made things easier or better for them, or has given them happiness. Then the feeling that all the efforts were well worth it brings that inner joy and fulfilment. This is one of the most rewarding aspects in my career. Another thing would be the ability to express my creativity and inner vision; and the ability of freedom of action. Being my own boss and having the choice of what to do next is a relief necessary for my well-being; I’m very grateful for being able to have it.

WLL – What or who inspires you?

Konstadina – It’s mainly qualities in people that inspire me. The qualities that are expressed through their actions or words. People who show courage and encourage others; people who are kind and compassionate; people who show respect and integrity; people who are wise and humble; people who care and show it; people who are truthful and honest – genuine people.

WLL – What is the funniest thing that ever happened to you?

Konstadina – I think it must be when I had to do the “penguin walk” – should have seen me! Those present could not stop laughing. You know, I think it is great when you can just allow yourself to be silly and make others have a good laugh! =)

WLL – Tell us about a future goal.

Picture 012Konstadina – There are 2 new complimentary therapies I have developed which use energy medicine and vibrational medicine; The Holistic Vibrational Technique and the Etheric DNA Regeneration Technique.

I have also recently created Empowering / Healing Kits – which include a set of guided meditations CD, candle, aromatherapy mist and a pouch of gemstones – for various purposes.  My aim is to have these tools for healing, empowerment, and personal growth known and available to as many people as possible.

WLL – What did you learn as a child that has made you a better woman?

Konstadina – One thing I’ve learned since early age is that forgiveness heals a wounded heart and restores relationships. The other thing is that with self-confidence and self-belief, one is able to manifest wonders.

WLL – Give us your best beauty tip.

Konstadina – I think the best beauty tip I could give is happiness and joy. This emotion assists in the energies of the self-flow with ease and affluence within and around the body, making us radiant and vibrant , which give us a beauty way beyond any artificial make up. I will also add to that the importance of healthy eating, sufficient rest, and meditation.

WLL – Tell us how you stay healthy and fit.

Konstadina– Keeping my emotions balanced; keeping my energies balanced; resting when I need to; avoiding food that upsets me; practicing breathing exercises, energy exercises, meditation, walking and being near nature as much as I can. These have all proved to be of great assistance towards maintaining certain levels of good health and fitness.

WLL – If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be.

Konstadina – If I could, I would remove the causes of suffering and pain from everyone and everything on this planet.

Wow!  I hope you are as inspired by this incredible woman as I have been just reading her answers.  Konstadina has published 3 websites, so if anyone wishes to find out more about her and her work as a healer, please visit:


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