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N Is For Notification

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Just in case you’re new here and didn’t get the past couple of posts, this is the third article in the I.G.N.I.T.E. series.  You can find the first two here and here.  We are on N in the series which is for Notification.  The purpose of this 6 part series is to help ignite women’s passions and move them confidently closer to their dreams.  You will find the bouillon of the program within these posts, but understand it is actually a 12 week coaching program that I developed after realizing too many women fail to reach their dreams because of self-sabotage, life circumstances, and poor self-confidence.  If you want more information about the program, please contact Kellie via the contact page here or at womenslifelink@gmail.com.

You’re probably wondering what the heck Notification has to do with anything.  Well, it has everything to do with success and getting to the fulfillment of your dreams.  Let’s start with the basic definition of the word.

Notification: to notify; tell; inform; to make known

Nothing complicated there, right?  I beg to differ with you on that.  The act of notifying yourself about something you are doing or intend to do may not be as easy as you think.  Often we hesitate to make notification of things that scare us or are out of our comfort zone.  It’s a defense mechanism that keeps us safe from disappointment and failure.  If I don’t tell myself that I’m doing this thing, then I don’t have to be accountable to it.  Sound familiar?  Or another thing that happens to women with great intentions is they start out with a strong notification or declaration of big things but end up changing their tune soon after.  The kind of notification I’m speaking about that will put you on a different path to your goals is that which needs to be continual and consistent.  Yes, every day.  Even every minute if you can.

Don’t Let Yourself Forget

You know how much easier it is to keep something moving than it is to get it restarted once it stops?  Momentum is your best friend.  Have you ever had to push a car out of the snow?  Or help do that?  The first pushes are excruciating and almost hopeless.  But once the car gets rocked enough in the right direction, things start happening.  The car moves and suddenly is out of the snow bank.  What I’m saying is this: never stop moving toward your dreams for one minute.  Never let yourself forget what you are doing and why you are doing it.  I’ve compiled some ideas to help you to keep your goals in front of you consistently.

1.  Write a list of verbal affirmations that define your dreams and goals and the positive steps you need to take to reach them.

2.  Read those aloud daily or record them and listen to them as often as you can.

3.  Notify your family and close friends about your intentions and ask them to keep you accountable for following through with plans.

4.  Ask for outside help from a counselor, coach, or mentor.

5.  Find one new website, article, or book that talks about what it is you want to do. Do this regularly.

6.  Journal your ideas and plans every day.  Also include your emotions (negative and positive) and any thoughts that may stand in your way and how you plan to deal with those things.

7.  When faced with decisions, ask yourself is this going to help me reach my goals or hinder me.

8.  Build an audience through social media, website, or club to give yourself accountability and the extra drive to succeed for your fans and associates.

9.  Leave notes for yourself on a mirror, desk, or fridge that simply remind you of who you are and what you are capable of.

10.  Instead of giving up your goals when things get difficult, simply reevaluate the situation and make appropriate changes.  Keep notifying yourself that quitting is not an optionI know these 10 things might seem simple and mundane, but they are the most important mundane things you will ever do for yourself while on a journey to any type of goal or dream.  While your at it, why don’t you make one of those dream boards made so popular by The Secret book and film.  Again, silly and mundane but powerful none the less.  Notification must be constant. Day and Night.  It’s your  mirror.  Look often.


How do you stay focused on your dreams or goals or what seems to always get in the way of reaching them? This is a perfect time to leave a comment, because each one will receive an automatic entry into our giveaways this coming Saturday February 9, 2013. All entries will be gathered and winners chosen at random.  Grand Prize…a full 12 week I.G.N.I.T.E. coaching program; $1,000 value.  Deadline for entries is 11:59 PM EST. on Saturday Feb. 9, 2013 following our Grand Relaunch party on our Facebook fan page.

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  1. Good suggestions. I’ve done all of them except the journal writing. Not that I haven’t tried but I just never follow through on keeping one. Instead I have scattered bits and pieces of paper that could be used as a journey-path trail if I were to gather them together in one spot.

    One thing I have found that keeps me going it when I’ve had a tough day I tell myself, and the world at large, goodnight, it will be better in the morning. That ends my day on hope instead of despondency.

    • I figured you had done most if not all of them. Most people have at some time but have trouble with consistency. I know you’ve done a lot better at keeping your goals a priority as of late. Thanks for the additional tip!

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