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No Surgery Face Lifts: Part IV

Products and Gadgets

The search for the fountain of youth is never ending.  Unfortunately, our flow of expendable cash for the quest is not…at least mine isn’t.  I do believe in quality, however.  Skimping on skin care and anti-aging is not an option for me as I care a great deal about my body.  Having said that, I don’t mean that I will spend food money on products or services either.  There is a balance that must come when investing in your health and beauty.

As I said in a previous post in this series, we will take a look at what I believe are quality products and one amazing anti-aging gadget that delivers the goods.  Another thing I wanted to let you know is I don’t promote products and services on this site for the sake of content or for any revenue that I might eventually get.  I will not even mention something unless I’ve used it or someone close to me has benefited from it.  So, now that I’ve revealed my rule for product promotion, I can move on to the fun part…the products.

Topical Lifting Products

Reversing Gelee Lift – The first such product in this category that I ever used was Arbonne’s Reversing Gelee Lift.  “This gel, with Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, a stable form of vitamin C,  is readily absorbed by the skin and promotes production of collagen, elastin, and ground substance,” as stated on the Arbonne site.  The product is great for every day use or for a night out when you want to look your best.  The only draw back, the “lift” is temporary.  However, the botanically based product does give you a nice dose of vitamins and anti-oxidants.  Not to mention it is affordable.  ($45.00, Arbonne.com)

Galvanic Spa II by Nu Skin


Technology for Your Skin

While attending an anti-aging seminar recently, I was introduced to an amazing gadget for your skin.  It’s called the Galvanic Spa II byNu Skin.  During the demonstration, I was relaxed- a little skeptical- but ready to see what the gizmo could do.  She applied a topical gel to my face on one side and proceeded to move the hand held unit over the surface of my skin.  I could feel tiny charges that reminded me of when your foot comes back from being numb except not quite that intense.

After finishing up the 2-part treatment on one side, I could definitely see a difference.  My skin felt energized and firmer than the other did.  Because I was going out after the seminar, I asked her to do the other side.  It was amazing seeing both sides tight and refreshed.  What’s more, the results were permanent.  It’s been almost a week and I can still see the changes.

How It Works

The unit was designed to enhance and promote the deep absorption of products into the skin.  That in itself is reason enough to use it; however, customers have noticed an incredible “side-effect” of the spa.  Women and men all over (like me) are watching their faces transform before their eyes.  Wrinkles are smoother and less noticeable; skin is tighter; and tone is improving. 

The Galvanic Spa uses micro-currents that are low voltage but high frequency. Angalena Davis, from Nu Skin explains it this way. “We have two repelling charges that are repelling each other and that’s how we are driving these ingredients into the skin.”  The system is made to use on the face, body, and even the scalp.  Each area of the body is treated with its own special contouring attachment that comes with the system.

Nu Skin has special gels that accompany the system and can be purchased as needed.  I believe that this unit is a wonderful addition to any woman’s personal skin care protocol.  And for those of you who spend a lot of money and time on your beauty, I definitely think you will find it well worth the price of $300.00.  For more information about the Galvanic Spa II system, contact Dr. Terri Hawkins-Fox.

Please let us know if you try any of the products we recommend.  Your stories are important to this website.  Join us for No Surgery Face Lifts: Part V as we look at the future of skin care and anti-aging.  There are some substantial breakthroughs that will change the way we see aging forever.  For now, Be well- be beautiful.

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  1. I used the Galvanic Spa after doing a soft Microdermabrasion. This seems to enhance it even further. I will keep you informed on the progress. I have only done 2 sessions at this time. Dr. Terri

  2. Hi~ You bet it works! I am in the business of selling the Galvanic Spa. I also offer FREE Newsletters on skin care and anti-aging. I am a Facialist and a Pilates Instructor devoted to helping women stay fit and looking young, I am happy to see this fantastic product covered here on this website!

  3. Kellie,
    I’ve heard about that Galvanic Spa, and I wondered if the claims were true. Sounds like they are. I love that you try something before writing about it. Great information here!

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