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Beauty and the Media: The Truth

Tip of the Iceberg Tuesday

(A little controversy for your day.)

Deceptive Beauty All Around

All you have to do to be deceived these days is turn on the TV, open a magazine, jump on a website, or buy a beauty product that pictures a celebrity or model on the box.  What we see is not real.  It’s not even close to real.  When was the last time that you saw a woman on the cover of Vogue, Self, or even Good Housekeeping sporting acne scars, stretch marks, cellulite, or age spots?  I didn’t think so.  Other than when we catch the occasional un-retouched celeb photos in tabloids like the National Enquirer and Star, we may never know what they truly look like or what flaws they have.  And in those cases, you have to wonder if the publications actually fix the photos to look worse than reality just to get you to buy the magazine.

It’s not that I want to see every one’s spare tire hanging out or every scar and stretch mark from junior high and up; that’s not the point.  We all should strive to take care of ourselves and look our best.  What I’m upset about is the false image that Hollywood (not everyone but most) and other media forces present as the norm for the rest of us.  What they portray cannot be obtained through natural methods.  All of us are at risk for unhealthy body image, especially young girls who are just developing a sense of who they are.  No matter how much we spend (money and time), whatever products we buy, and how much we wish we could look like the Angelina Jolies of the world, it aint gonna happen (excuse my slang)!  Take a look at this video a friend sent me.  You’ll understand my point.

How can we live up to this…we can’t.  That’s all I have to say about that…

Thanks Dove for telling the truth and showing us what real beauty is, for making us feel beautiful by just being ourselves, and for campaigning for a change.  Thanks, Elisabeth, for sending me the video.  Be well-be beautiful.

Photo by Elenagetzieh

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  1. Such an important post, Kellie. I’ve already talked to my daugther (10) about the fact that magazine photos are airbrushed and touched up and how, often, what we see on TV isn’t reality. Young girls are so impressionable and vulnerable as it is. I think it’s important to teach them to love themselves for who they are. And to let them know that nobody is perfect.

  2. Very powerful message. Both in your words and in the video Elisabeth shared with you. Actually, the whole thing, what the media is doing to women, is frightening.

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