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I hope everyone is enjoying the change of season as much as I am. The sun is out, flowers in bloom, and children are playing outside...free inspiration for the taking. I have my coffee close by, and I'm ready to share a few things with you for TnT Tuesday.

Real Women, Recycling, and Reaping

I hope everyone is enjoying the change of season as much as I am.  The sun is out, flowers in bloom, and children are playing outside…free inspiration for the taking.  I have my coffee close by, and I’m ready to share a few things with you for TnT Tuesday.

Women’s Blogs To Love

There are SO many great women’s sites out there that it’s nearly impossible to get to them all on a daily basis, but I try.  My blog friends understand the dynamics of community, so I don’t worry if I can’t read or comment everyday.  I do love, however, when I can pass along a worthwhile site to you (another way of showing bloggy love).  Here are my picks for this week:

Chiczofrenic- Being Fabulous is a Skill  is a Ning Network for women who want to express themselves honestly and openly.  It’s a place to meet other like-minded women with unique flair and personalities who enjoy writing and reading about life.  I had the opportunity to meet owner, Laina Turner-Molaski, this past weekend at a book signing for her recently released novel, Stilettos & Scoundrels here in Indianapolis.  She is simply lovely on the outside and inside.  Pay her a visit, and by all means, buy her book if you get a chance!

A Reminder to Recycle

Just a quick diddy on the benefits of recycling…

1.  You save money by needing less trash bags for removal.

2.  The more people who engage in recycling the cheaper it gets.

3.  Recycling has created over a million jobs in the US alone.

4.  Recycling and composting diverted nearly 70 million tons of material away from landfills and incinerators in 2000, up from 34 million tons in 1990-doubling in just 10 years, according to recycling-revolution.com.

5.  Manufacturing with recycled materials does less damage to the environment than using new ones.  It also uses less energy and water.

6.  It gives you a good feeling for acting on a need instead of just watching others take care of it.

7.  It teaches your children the importance of taking care of our world.

A Little About Reaping

Don’t underestimate the power of the Law of Sowing and Reaping.  I’ve come to know over the years that every thing we do in this life has cause and effect and from what you sow, you will reap.  There may be years between the initial planting and the fruit it produces, but I assure you, it will happen.  So, be careful what you do, say, plant, give, and send forth into the universe.  What you do today is what you are planting for your future.  Think about what you’ve done lately in the following areas.

♦ Relationships

♦ Health

♦ Finances

♦ Business

♦ Spiritual

♦ Giving

That’s all I have for you wonderful ladies and gentlemen today…I like saying the gentlemen part, but I really want a Men’s Life Link.  For all you guys who would like to have one, please let me know.  I need good writers to contribute as well.  Please share any ideas you have about today’s topics.  I’d love to get your suggestions for future TnT Tuesday.  Be well-be beautiful.

***Women’s Life Link has not received any monetary revenue for recommending anything in this post. However, because we are Amazon Associates, should you choose to purchase the book Stilettos and Scoundrels from the link provided, we will receive some pocket change. Thank you for supporting Women’s Life Link and our wonderful friends.

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  1. Love the reminder that you reap what you sow, as well as the reminder about recycling. Always good stuff over here, Kellie!


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