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The Best Interview Strategies: Part I

With many companies shifting financial priorities, laying off employees, and tightening their belts all around, it is imperative to be ready for anything, including the dreaded task of hunting down and securing a new job. Unfortunately, millions have already suffered consequences of the economy crunch and found themselves without a job.

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Planning For an Emergency

After spending 12 hours without power last night, I suddenly realized how unprepared our family is for emergency situations. It wasn't the fact that I missed the American Idol elimination I'd been waiting all season for; it was the fact that we couldn't find the flashlight, my kids couldn't light candles without burning themselves, and everyone just sort of lost all composure. Kudos to our pioneer ancestors who didn't even have electricity.

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Think Your Way to Happiness

Thousands of fleeting thoughts run through our minds every day. Some we choose to let pass like a speeding bus; while others are held captive by a need to dwell on their implications. They may develop in our mind's eye as if a tiny artist stand painting a picture inside of us.

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A Good Time to Change

Believe it or not, there's nothing that says let's make some changes like getting kicked in the face or being thrown down to the mattress with a month long bout of pneumonia. The fact is, pain and adversity have long been keys to some of the greatest triumphs in history...my life has been no exception.

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