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3 Major Attributes Of A Great Resume

great resume

Creating a great resume is one of those things that can trip up even the smartest and most creative women among us. So don’t feel …

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4 Considerations For Job Hunting In The New Year

The new year is approaching quickly, and this means new possibilities to improve our lives over the coming 12 months. A new year seems to …

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5 Tips For Boosting Your Boss-Lady Confidence

boosting your boss-lady confidence

Though being a leader isn’t for every women, it does present a special opportunity to shine and help others find their way. In business, this …

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5 Effective Confidence Boosters For Your Career

confidence boosters for your career

Confidence is a powerful thing to have for life in general, but it is especially important if you’re a career woman. Furthermore, it’s not hard …

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5 Habits Of Successful, Happy Lawyers

successful lawyers

Being a lawyer is not only a potentially lucrative career but can also be quite fulfilling. That said, it is a competitive one that takes …

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5 Ways To Deal With Work Stress

deal with work stress

It’s no secret that millions of women work in environments that present stress and discomfort. Though you aren’t alone if you deal with work stress, …

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5 Steps To Reduce Work Stress

When work stress takes its toll on the various areas of your life, it’s essential to take a step back and evaluate the situation. Are …

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4 Tips To Build Your Career As An Employee

So you want to know the most effective ways to grow your career as an employee? To start, think about where you want to be …

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5 Strategies To Pass The CPA Exam

If you are a recent grad and want to become a certified public accountant, you must take and pass the CPA examination. However, it’s tough …

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3 Major Steps To Landing Your Dream Job

It’s no secret that many of us settle for jobs we don’t really like in order to pay the bills. Though there is nothing wrong …

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4 Exceptionally Fun Careers

Sometimes, people accept a wage in return for a job that they don’t like or even hate. And the idea of having fun while at …

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5 Strong Job Hunting Hacks To Attract Recruiters

When you are searching for a new job, it makes sense to focus on all aspects of the process. Everything from your resume and social …

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3 Major Ways To Help Children Navigate Career Planning

For a young adult, the prospect of choosing a life career can be daunting and confusing. Despite the challenges associated with this decision, it is …

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3 Valuable Skills To Further Your Career

So, career development has exactly been smooth sailing as of late for much of the population. That said, this transitional time has offered some ample …

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4 Considerations For Choosing A Career Path

Starting a first-time career or subsequent one can be a daunting process for anyone. That said, whether you are young or have been around the …

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