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4 Effective Actions To Get Over A Breakup

We think we know how to cope with a breakup because of the examples playing out in our pop culture. However, a real breakup isn’t …

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Should I Get Back With My Ex?: 4 Questions To Ask Yourself

You did it – you finally broke up with your partner. But, wait a minute, you’re having second thoughts. Oh my god, what if you made a mistake? What if he or she was "The One" after all? Yep, this is how many women feel when they finally sever the cord, especially if it was a long relationship.You have the choice to stubbornly soldier on with the breakup plan or turn around and patch things up. But, sometimes, breaking up isn’t a mistake. The problem is it’s hard to tell when you’ve made a good decision or a bad one. Luckily, there are some simple questions that may help you answer the big one: should I get back with my ex?

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How Emotions Affect Creativity

Do you ever sit in a inoperable slump, waiting for your foul mood to pass, or for something good to happen to change things? I have. And, while in a state of self-pity and emotional compromise, my creativity has been stifled. Yes, nil, zip, zilch...it was in those times when I tended to focus on what I didn't want, instead of what I did. It was like a steel trap, in the sense that I struggled to escape. Well, at least for those moments.

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The Cost to Fly with Baggage

Do you know what it feels like to be free - when everything seems to open up for you and you're on top of the world (a sense of self-flight)?

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Do I Have Emotional Baggage?

Women know better than anyone what it feels like to carry around a big, heavy purse for any length of time. And if you're like me, such a bag is usually necessary to bring along all the things I need for my children and my own indulgences. Though physically we can handle extra weight (for awhile), we are not meant to carry around emotional baggage. What am I talking about? You know....really, you do. That job crisis you had last year; the fight you had with your husband; the breast cancer scare from three years ago; the rejection from sixth grade...

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Are Your Wounds Healed?

Do you remember falling off your bike and skinning your knee as a child? Boy, did that hurt. I would run home crying, expecting that my mom would fix me up with peroxide and a bandaid. With the mom-love-laced patch up job, I'd run right back out the door for some backyard frolicking.

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