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Aroma Artisan: Review and Giveaway

You might have noticed that I'm on a rather organic/all-natural product kick right now. On my quest for some new personal care products that pass my standards, I discovered Aroma Artisan at Etsy, a company that sells exactly what I was looking for - cold process soaps and unique essential oils with custom fragrances.

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Organic Tea At It’s Best

Sitting on the deck with a cup of quality tea, a good book, and a cool September breeze in my face is what I call a perfect way to spend a few moments of peace. There is truly something calming about taking in the scent of a hot beverage that you know is good for you. Because finding new organic products and edibles is one of my passions, I went looking and found a wonderful source for all-natural, gourmet teas.

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Dangerous Cosmetics

Are You Dying To Be Beautiful? One of our goals at Women's Life Link is to help you understand the importance of obtaining and maintaining your health, and that through this process you will naturally begin to see a more beautiful you emerge. We have focused on some anti-aging topics, but this particular post is one that brings awareness of dangers that various cosmetics and skin care products pose to your body.

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Expert Hair Advice

I'm sitting at DC Hair Lounge, here in Indy, waiting while my two teen daughters get their back-to-school hair cuts. I thought it would be fun to ask owner/stylist, Deanna Robbins, a few questions. WLL - What is the worst mistake women make with their hair?

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Healthy Fashion

Although the terms "health" and "fashion" may not be commonly used together right now, I believe we will soon see a deluge of "organic/healthy" clothing and accessories that takes us to a new era of living healthy and looking great while doing it. Since I'd like to see every woman consider the "Be Well-Be Beautiful" concept as a lifestyle, I thought we could take a look at some of the products that are currently offered in the market.

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