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6 Weight Loss Strategies To Get Results

wwight loss strategies

Do you want to lose weight for medical reasons or to look and feel better? Women often face the daunting task of losing weight as …

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4 Life-Changing Steps To Greater Happiness And Success

step to greater happiness and success

Achieving success and being happier with who you are are two significant ways to improve your life as a modern woman. And this is why …

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4 Simple Tips To Enhance Your Beauty

Feeling beautiful is so subjective that it’s impossible to define what it means with one statement or opinion. Truthfully, it is an experience that is …

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Pros And Cons Of Starting A Master’s Program

Having a university degree is something that many people believe will get them ahead in life. Though this might be true for some individuals, it …

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6 Common Flaws That Cause Self-Consciousness And What To Do About Them

The human body is a truly amazing well-oiled machine, but it can also be vulnerable to illness, injury, and, honestly, the wear and tear of …

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3 Ways To Develop Yourself For A More Fulfilling Life

Self-improvement is a tricky topic to discuss because, no matter how many gurus try to define it, it remains a subjective action. In other words, …

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3 Solid Ways To Expand Your Mind

Whenever you expand your mind and open up to new opportunities, you are on your way to becoming an improved person. I'm not saying that something is wrong with you, me or the next woman. I'm saying that we all can grow, change, and develop as we see the need and have the desire. The fact is, when you improve your mind, you improve the world.

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Remember the balance beam in the school yard? Did you walk on it, balancing with your arms out from your side in the air? What about the lines on the sidewalk that you would walk like a tightrope? It was all about feeling the success of walking the line without falling off. We all have experienced that bliss of success. We also all know how it feels to "fall" and be in the topsy-turvey moments. How did you handle it when you fell off the balance beam? Did you criticize yourself? Did you swear to never get up on that thing again? Or, did you get right back up and take the risk of falling off again? Maybe a little of both? But here is the nitty-gritty: Each choice we make has a purpose. Life requires moments of imbalance in order to find the perfect balance.

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Testing, Testing, One-Two…Testing

When we are at school, we are subjected to all sorts of tests; on the spot math tests, spelling tests, end of year exams, high school certificates and the list goes on. In the early days the tests are quick, painless and mostly fun. Then they become more serious, there is study to be undertaken and there is the need to find the ability to cope with the testing process. It can be a nerve-wracking experience. What it does do is ‘test’ students (pardon the pun), it makes them think, it gives a clearer understanding of their abilities, their short-falls, where they can learn more and what they excel at; in the testing platform. What happens when we leave school though?

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Make Your Own Remix

Along with new technology, digital technology particularly, comes the desire and the ability to re-do, re-hash, dress up, re-create and re-produce media of all shapes and forms. This remediation is not always for the better; sometimes it’s a sideways step, sometimes it’s completely over the top. But what it always does is create something new, this is regardless of whether or not we recognise it or can compare it to what has gone before. This whole construct had me thinking. What if we viewed ourselves as a medium ready and willing for re-mixing or remediating? The opportunities are endless and there are different ways of approaching this, different levels of remixed media.

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A Woman’s Power to Change Things

As women, we naturally guide the heart-center and atmosphere of our homes. We feel more; we believe more; and we certainly create enthusiasm when we need to. And, unfortunately, we can also tear down every thing we’ve worked for with that same power when it’s influenced by negative emotions that don’t serve us. If you despair over circumstances or a difficult situation to the point of emotional compromise, your family feels it. They follow you whether you want them to or not.

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Introspective Sunday: What Is Your Question?

I guess this self-focus is really just another way of getting to know the real you. It's a good way to get to the bottom of any destructive behavior that might be popping up.

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