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3 Useful Ways to Use Coconut Oil This Summer

Coconut oil is an extremely useful in the kitchen as well as for health and beauty. In fact, some people believe it can help with just …

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6 Tips For Looking Your Best At The Beach

Unfortunately, the beach is one of those few locations in the civilized world where people are expected to walk around in practically nothing and get …

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3 Savvy Ways To Get Smokin’ Hot And Ready For Summer

Is anyone else in the Northern hemisphere over winter already? Well, those dark mornings are starting to get a little brighter; we are in the home stretch to Spring and Summer. You know what that means? Yeah, it's time to start thinking about getting you body ready for warmer weather. This is the perfect time to focus on self-improvements like fitness and health, and, of course, you want to sport that smokin' hot body for summer. Here are some savvy tips that you can start today!

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Want A Bikini Body? 4 Common Fitness Mistakes To Avoid

Summertime has arrived, at least in the Northern hemisphere! We are thinking about getting in shape so we can feel more confident in that bikini, bathing suit, or even just the less forgiving wardrobe of warmer weather. Unfortunately, a lot of women make some avoidable fitness mistakes while trying to look better for summer. Here are a few you can avoid next time you go for that toned up beach bod.

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What Not to Wear When It’s Hot

The hot weather can be great for family outings and pool parties, but keep in mind that it can also require a different approach to dressing, beauty, and safety. The following tips will help you keep cool, healthy, and looking your best on days that rise above 80°.

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I’m Afraid to Wear a Bathing Suit

Every year around this time, I think about what condition my body is in for the summer season; the dreaded call of the pool, the beach, and any other activity for which you normally wear shorts whispers ever so softly but loudly taunts my self-esteem. If you are a mother, you know what I'm talking about.

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