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5 Effective Confidence Boosters For Your Career

confidence boosters for your career

Confidence is a powerful thing to have for life in general, but it is especially important if you’re a career woman. Furthermore, it’s not hard …

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9 Careers To Keep The Creative Happy!

Are you a creative badass who loves to innovate, express herself, and make money doing what you love? If you are not currently stimulating any of these inner longings, you might take a look at a creative career. However, many creative women are also multi-talented and find choosing just one thing difficult. Here is a list of 9 careers to keep the creative happy!

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Meet Singer Songwriter Joeleen

Born in London and growing up in South Wales, Joeleen has always enjoyed music. So much so that she returned to London at sixteen years of age to study the arts. Her mother even used to record her as she sang around the house – memories which remain very clear to her.

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Meet Musician, Singer, Businesswoman, Caz Stevens

Please meet the wonderful and multi-talented Caz Stevens, wife, mum, vocalist, songwriter, business woman – you name it, the list is long. When I mentioned her multiple talents, Caz replies, very coyly: "Well, that’s a compliment, however, I like to think I can handle almost anything and give it all 100%." From all that I have learned since meeting this amazing woman, she does just that and much more.

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Another Bullying Victim Fights Back

One of the very many things I like most about what I do – combining the stories of emerging showbiz talents (and some more experienced) with the fight against bullying – is hearing and learning about some of these people. What some of them have been through – bullying – and how they rise above it. They sing their wonderful talents to show the world that all their nightmares/tormenters have done is help bring them through – help make them who and what they are. Proving to other victims worldwide that they are certainly not alone and that they can be whatever they want – if they put their minds to it. No-one can stop you, not if you really want it.

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