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The Butterfly Deserves To Fly…

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butterflyI wrote the statement “The Butterfly deserves to fly” up on my white board this morning. It was meant to be an encouragement to me to get some work done on my upcoming book, The Butterfly Payoff, and it served its purpose. As I stared up at the words, however, I realized the implied message to myself revealed a much deeper cause- one that is for us all.

We are beautiful creatures that deserve to fulfill our purpose, our life-long dreams. We deserve it because we have gone to great lengths to become who we are today (whether we realize it or not), to transform into the colorful and free goddesses we truly are. And, even if you have not arrived at a place where you see yourself as such, it’s still a message of hope for personal transformation.

I’ve watched my husband go through an uncomfortable six months, searching for a new job with the right company. He has interviewed with so many businesses and even traveled out of state in his quest. And, for the first time, he finally expressed a definitive enthusiasm for one particular company and position that came onto the scene this week. I was thrilled when he said, “I see myself working for this company! It’s a perfect match!” He finally got clear about what he wanted and what the “perfect” company looked like. Until that happened, he didn’t see his own vision for the future clearly; he couldn’t fully step into the personal identity he longed for and ultimately deserved. This type of clarity is priceless.

I shared this story as an example of how the struggle of life, defining vision/dreams, and finding our place can seem overwhelming at times but is so necessary to prepare us for our greatest flight. Believing we deserve this beautiful journey to the grandest version of ourselves is one HUGE key that is found along the way, sometimes in unexpected places. There is merit in the process, as well as in reaching the goal. Be proud of who you are today because she is everything she is supposed to be and right where she belongs…for the moment, anyway.

What dream clarity has come to you lately? How will it help you to fly?

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