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Texan Model Actor Caitlyn Moore Rises Above Bullying And Eating Disorders

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Caitlyn MooreBullying and health issues have not stopped Caitlyn Moore from reaching for the stars and grabbing them full force.
  Not just a model, this winner is also an actor, musician and dancer, not to mention, she is also a university student, graduating this year with a degree in Communications and Journalism.  And,then, as if all this wasn’t enough, she hopes to earn a Masters Degree in Counselling.

Caitlyn has always wanted to be an actor, and she has been fortunate enough to have worked with a few major celebrities.  She has also acted in a couple of films and in the TV show:  “Hired” and been in at least ten musicals.  She has also just been named the official spokesperson for the Crisis Intervention of Houston.

With all of this positive, Caitlyn has also experienced some darkness. She has not only been a victim of bullying but has also suffered from the debilitating health issues of anorexia, bulimia, self-harm, depression, and even attempted suicide.  At school she was bullied by both students and staff.  She explains:  “I developed anorexia when I was ten because I felt like I didn’t fit in with my peers, and I thought that being skinny would help me fit in.’” How common a fear is that?    While Caitlyn says that her experience was psychological rather than physical and not as bad as many suffer, it certainly did take its toll on her.

While suffering through her nightmare, she was forced into different kinds of treatments and hospitals – forced against her will and, as she says, when that happens it just doesn’t work.   She needed to want to go – not have the rest of the world tell her to.  She did know that her disorder would eventually kill her or she would kill herself, so she made the choice to put herself into a residential center for eating disorders, adding that it was the best decision she has ever made.

CAITLYN IXShe feels that the governments and schools are not doing anything to combat bullying.  She refers to the movie Cyberbully, saying,  “The girl who was being bullied went to the school and they said they couldn’t do anything about it because she wasn’t being bullied on school property, even though it was her classmates who were bullying her.’” Caitlyn adds that she feels schools should have a strict intolerance for bullying and that people should be suspended or expelled if they are caught bullying someone.  She also does feel that there should be laws against every type of bullying.

Caitlyn’s role models include entertainer Demi Lovato, who has been through much the same as Caitlyn. “She is my motivation to stay strong.” And acting keeps her going.  Next on her agenda?  A TV show called “Copycat” and her new feature film:  Urban Myths.

CAITLYN XIIAnd look at her:  The perfect example of someone who really has come through pure hell and is shining brightly and showing the world that people who suffer so badly can win.

Finally, she does have a message to share:  “Sometimes it seems that life won’t get any better.  I am living proof that things DO get better.  Things may not always go the way that you planned, but it all works out in the end.  God has a plan for each and every one of us.  Always remember that you are beautiful no matter what you look like and that it’s what’s on the inside that counts.  Do what makes YOU happy.  Do what you want to do – not what other people want you to do.  Stay strong.”

Well said!  Best of luck to this amazingly inspiring young actress.


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