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Money Issues and Your Health

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Dr. Lamse has joined us today to answer a couple of questions.  Remember, if you have any inquiries for her or anyone on the author panel, please direct them via the Contact Page.  They will be answered here on the site in the upcoming weeks.  Be well-be beautiful-be happy.




Can money issues affect your overall health?

Answer: By Dr. Lamse

For those of you (us) who rent or have small homes, it is good to know that owning a (big) house is not always paradise.  Many of my patients are burdened by their mortgages, and that is affecting their health.  It sometimes necessitates anti-anxiety medications.  They also cannot take time off work to rest and restore their health, because of the high financial burden they are under.  We can become slaves to our “stuff.”

May we be wise in our investments and not stretch beyond our means;
doing otherwise is often detrimental to one’s health.

I am not a financial advisor, so do not take this advise as such; I just want to open your eyes to the fact that improper investments can affect one’s health.  Please talk to a qualified professional in this field before taking a major decision about your investments.

Here’s a prime example of five families who couldn’t find peace with their new homes because of over-extension.

Q:  Is it safe to microwave food in plastic containers?

A: By Dr. Lamse, Resource: Dr. Weil

I use glass dishes (usually Pyrex) to store food and microwave it.  When I’m home, I usually heat up my food on the stove top; at work I microwave it because we have no stovetop (or I eat salads and there’s no need for microwaving).
Check out Dr. Weil’s post on this matter.

Be well.
Dr. Lamse

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