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3 Things That Can Ruin Your Life

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As much as I really don’t enjoy thinking about negative things, let alone writing about them, I realized how important this post could be for someone (or a few someones) out there.  Hunkered down under my comforter at midnight, I began to ponder exactly what have been the top three hindrances to the success level I desire in any given area of my life.  A little too heavy for pre-sleep, but the thoughts were pushing their way out and not taking NO for an answer.

This is what spilled out onto my nice Ralph Lauren pillow case…

5 Life-Busters To Avoid

1.  Focusing on the negative of situations, events, and people As humans, we often pick up on what’s “wrong” with something before we look at what’s ultimately good and pure about it.  Why?  Not sure, really.  This could be a media phenomenon, one where we’ve been brain-washed to seek out drama and trauma.  Try focusing on what good is in your life, as well as what you truly want to see happen in the future.  Purify your motives for wanting change.  For example: Don’t seek a new car because you hate your piece-of-crap sitting in the driveway.  The negative emotion you get from thinking about your fugly car will only attract more of the same.  Just saying…

2.  Being ungratefulThis is somewhat related to #1, in the sense that being more attentive to the drabness of life than the goodness of it, tends to keep you in a constant state of want.  It should be mandatory for everyone to spend at least a day in an economically underdeveloped country.  Suddenly, we would all see just how grateful we should be for what we have.

3.  Trying to control everything and everyoneControl freaks don’t usually know or believe they are as such.  This is why it is so difficult to tell someone that he or she is trying to control you.  You usually just get a blank stare or more control mechanisms thrown in your face.  Personally, I realized that letting go of some things makes life SO mush easier.  The fact is: no one can control every aspect of life or that of others nor should he or she try.  Go ahead if you must, but beware of the bad karma coming around the bend.

You (and I) Can Recover

The only way to recover from any of the above life-malfunctions is to change.  Yes, change YOU, change me,  and our way of thinking and reacting to what happens in our lives.  First, we must be aware of our repeat offenses.  And, just because we think we’re thinking positively, doesn’t mean we are.  Negative motivation and fear ambush the best of intentions and the best people.  We need to check our emotions at the doorway of life.  In other words, be aware of what is causing us to feel or think a certain way.  Awareness will open those doors faster than anything else.  And, you and I will delightfully recover from past mistakes.

Tell us one of your favorite tips for overcoming the things that trip up your success.  Or ask the coach a question!

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  1. Guilty Conscious

    As I read through some of your posts, I find myself wondering what qualifies you to say much of what you say here.

    Then it dawned on me…

    You are speaking and writing about lessons you learn throughout your own life.

    I can only hope and pray that you are taking your own advice and living a healthy life rather than writing to prevent people from making the very mistakes you have already or are continuing to make yourself.

    • Thanks for your comment. I agree with you that those who speak out about self-improvement should be knowledgeable of what they are saying. I am not a perfect person, and I don’t always make the right choices, but I do try my best to uphold certain standards in my own life. I do speak from a life of expansive experience and have been certified as a life coach. I can only hope that the things I say help others to better their lives in some way.

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