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It's one thing to come up with a great plan to lead you to victory, but it's another to work that plan and keep it a priority. Being accountable to another person or group of people is one way to increase your chances of success.

To Whom Should I Be Accountable ?


I’m coming at you again with a quick life-journey tip (300 words or less) that will make a significant impact on your efforts for quality change.  Accountability is the topic at hand.  Pay attention.  This is important if you want to create a new you.

It’s one thing to come up with a great plan to lead you to victory, but it’s another to work that plan and keep it a priority.  Being accountable to another person or group of people is one way to increase your chances of success.  Here’s the thing: Make sure that the person(s) with which you are sharing your goals is trustworthy and will keep their end of the bargain.  By that I mean, they will come along side you and help you achieve your goals.

You may want to choose someone who has already accomplished what you are trying to do.  Their victory will become an invaluable inspiration when things become difficult.  Or you could team up with someone who is currently working on their own goal.  That means that they will be accountable to you.  Another option is to join a group that meets regularly where you can share ideas and get encouragement from several people at once.  Make sure you feel comfortable in a group setting before committing yourself.

If you have it in your budget, hire a coach who can walk you through your goals one step at a time.  They are knowledgeable in self-growth areas and often have extensive resources to offer as well.  The important thing is doing what makes you happy and will bring the best results.  Accountability is just a part of your journey to self-improvement  Be well-be beautiful.

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