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OK, just so we get this straight, I never promised you a rose garden. Redoing or using a second chance to make something right isn't always full-proof. It could take several.

Successful Redos and Second Chances


Though I could talk for hours on this subject, I’ll just give you a few minutes of chattering.  Human nature is complex, and yet, so simple.  The complex parts drive us to reach new heights of success in science, medicine, athletics, literature, and technology.  Our world is full of these examples.  On the other hand, it’s also full of mishaps, mistakes, and failures.  Here’s the simple part of our beings: We are not perfect.  There I said it.  It’s out of the bag now.  We are destined to screw up now and then…however, there is a simple (I didn’t say easy) solution to this common dilemma.  REDO.

OK, just so we get this straight, I never promised you a rose garden.  Redoing or using a second chance to make something right isn’t always full-proof.  It could take several.  Hello, work!  Now, when I say work, I don’t necessarily mean the kind of toil that requires sweat.  Think more of it as inner work.

When we have a set back, we often want to keep pushing the universal boundaries by doing the same thing over and over again.  Really?  Yes, really; we’re pretty insane like that.  How about instead of repeating our mistake, we try getting some advice first.  Ask and you shall receive.  Drop your pride for just a minute. Take some time to seek answers through prayer or meditation.  Being open to divine inspiration and even the wisdom of others is a step toward true success no matter what the issue is.

One last thing, before you move on to redos and second chances, make sure that you are not making important decisions when you are emotionally compromised.  Calm down; breathe; be thankful.  OK, now you’re ready.  Be well-be beautiful.

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  1. Kellie, you are so fecking fabulous! I got little goosebumps reading your post because it is so true and so nice to know that there is someone else out there in the world that has this understanding.
    I need to be reminded of these things sometimes, so thank you for doing that.
    It’s funny, because when your in a moment or hours, okay, days of chaos, sometimes these simple solutions slip our minds and we need someone to remind us.
    And that not making a decision when emotionally compromised; how true is that?

    You inspire me.

    • Just as you are glad that I’m here saying these things, I’m glad you are there understanding and applying them to your life. Thanks for your support, Gina. I’m enjoying your blog as well.

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