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Treating Candida Naturally

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I was sent this article on candida and thought it had some vital info on treating yeast infections. Check out the links for more tips and resources about candida.  Consult your physician if you have unusual vaginal symptoms; they are severe or  persist even after treatment.

Fighting Candida


If taking antibiotics concerns you or medical costs are too high, you may want to think about treating your yeast infection naturally. Many essential oils and herbs effectively treat yeast infections. Not only do they treat the acute infection, but they help prevent future outbreaks.  Remember to consult with your health care provider before using any natural remedy. You may also want to consider a Candida Cleanse before adding essential oils and herbs to treat yeast problems.


Candida microorganisms are common, and as long as the good bacterium controls the population – there is no problem, however, if the Candida multiplies, a yeast infection can occur. Introducing antibiotics to the system is often a culprit as well as a poor diet.  Natural remedies and cleanses are a viable way to keep Candida under control, but dietary changes increase success. The Candida cleanse clears the way for treatment and can be done even when you are healthy or in between infections.

The Cleanse


Step 1: Find a reputable Candida cleanse product.  Consider cleaning out your colon prior to starting the Candida program. Candida lives in the intestines, and natural remedies may not have sufficient strength to completely eradicate the colony if there is impacted waste present. Colon cleansing products vary in quality, so do some research.  Follow the product recommendations carefully and move on to the Candida cleanse when you finish with the colon cleanse regimen.


Step 2: Use the Candida cleanse product as directed.  After two weeks start an anti-fungal remedy. Raw garlic is a natural anti-fungal,  as well as olive leaf extract, carrot juice, apple cider vinegar, Caprylic acid.


Step 3: Find a quality probiotic product at your local health food store and follow the recommended dosages. Probiotics help your body build up good bacteria it needs to strengthen the immune system and fight the yeast infection.

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