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What Can We Do To Help Change The Energy Industry?

Changing the way the planet makes and uses energy should be a practical and straightforward venture, right? Well, it’s easy for most of us to think about how wonderful the planet would be if we could just stop making energy from bad stuff. The truth is, it’s not that simple and those who are working on the problems of our current systems are coming against extreme financial and resource obstacles.

It turns out that making it in the energy business is challenging for even the best entrepreneurs in the world. Elon Musk had his Solar City but then eventually had to bring it into the fold of Tesla, which negatively affected the automaker’s share price. And then there is the push back from legislators, governments, and the huge corporations that ultimately run the energy show. So, what can the average consumer do to help change the energy problems we face now? Here are a few things to consider.

Know What is Important to You

Because the topic of energy and its challenges is so broad, it’s important to be clear about what you would like to focus on. There are opportunities for entrepreneurs, volunteers, and consumers all over the world. However, knowing where to start can be a challenge if you aren’t clear about the possibilities. 

Do some research about the various energy suppliers in your area first, so you know what companies you can affect at the grassroots. Sometimes, simply boycotting or communicating consumer needs to a business can make a difference.

On a larger scale, you can create a group or organization that helps support companies that are working to create better energy sources. They often need volunteers or sponsors to support and promote their work, as well as donations. Even sharing content and spreading awareness is a way to help bring change to the energy industry as we know it.

Learn All You Can About the Energy Industry

The energy market is based on fundamental physics and consumer buying habits, therefore, these things drive the decisions of these companies. If you want to change something about what is happening concerning the world’s energy, you’ll want to know what you’re talking about. I recommend learning about energy history, present concerns, and future predictions.

For example, many researchers now believe that solar and wind are the future of energy production because they are the most efficient and least expensive to manufacture. They don’t require a constant source of fuel, therefore, lowering the life-time cost of installing them, as well as being environmentally sound. 

You’ll also need to think about the money side of the energy industry. Understand that these companies are in business to make money and are not willing to give up their methods easily unless there is an equally profitable alternative.

Revenue accounting in the oil and gas industry is challenging because it involves so many variables. Unfortunately, this makes tracking difficult and predictions less of a science. However, there is vital information out there, and the financials of major companies should be available to the public. You can also try to contact the responsibility centers of any company you want to investigate. 

Bring Your Values and Philosophy to the Table

Though there is a multitude of individuals working to change the world by ending the destruction of the fossil fuel industry, you can add your unique perspective and also make a difference. First, you need to have a philosophy that is clear and potent. Your personal beliefs and values may also come into play when trying to gather a following or enlist help. People will get on board your ship if you can show that your ideas can and will make positive change. 

This is also helpful if you plan to raise money or seek out investors that could help you build a larger campaign or organization. Do also consider what smaller things you can do to change the energy industry. Start by saving energy costs in your own home and business. Choose products and actions that do not promote the use of fossil fuels. 


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