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Which Colors Look Best On You?

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What is at the center of looking great? Is it dressing for your body shape and size? Is it finding your style and sticking with what works? Yes, it can be all of those things, but there is something else: wearing the right colors. If you get your colors mixed up, you can go from being confident and beautiful to looking washed out and tired. The wrong shade can make you look older, miserable or even sickly. There is this shade of taupe that makes me look dead…I call it the casket color. And, yes, I avoid it like the plague. Choosing the best colors to suit your skin tone, hair color, eyes and more is essential if you want to look your best. If you’re not sure which ones are best for you, these tips will help!

Have a Professional Find Your Colors

If you’re determined to find out the best colors for you, there are professionals who will whip you up a nice color portfolio. Yes, there really are people you can pay to do just about anything.  Experts in fashion and color can give you their opinion on which hues you should be wearing. Sometimes this assessment puts you into seasons; they tell you that you’re a spring, summer, fall or winter person. This means that you can easily refer to a group of colors that will look good on you. For example, if you’re a winter person, you will look good in rich colors such as deep blue or icy pastels, like silver.

Take a Quiz

Not everyone has the resources or wants to pay someone to find out which colors look best on them. If you would rather find out from the comfort of your own home, and for free, you can take a quiz. There are many websites with quizzes you can take to determine which shades are best for you. You just have to input some information about your complexion, hair color and other details to get your result. Try searching for “what colors can I wear quiz” and your search engine will give you lots of results you can try.

Learn About the Messages Colors Give

rebelcentralideasAs a Rock Your Feminine Type coach and branding expert, I match people to signature style and colors as a part of my program. So, you better believe color is important to your personal and business image! This process is based on information about the client, who their ideal client is, and what image they want to put out there. Finding out what different colors mean and how they’re perceived is extremely useful. For example, people who wear green watches and accessories might be seen as being relaxed or at one with nature. Light green might be seen as relaxing and delicate, while darker shades could be interpreted as strong and commanding. Pink, depending on its hue, is perceived as feminine and often promotes romance and nurturing. There is literally no end to the messages you can send with color!

Choose Your Clothes Carefully

Once you’ve learned which colors are best for you, you can put your knowledge into practice. Assess your wardrobe and the hues you think look best on you to decide how to wear each piece. You can group your things into different moods or seasons to choose when to wear what. Keep your findings in mind for future purchases, too.

Changing the colors you wear can alter people’s perceptions of you. If you want to present a different image or new style, finding out which shades work best for you could help. Also, wear what you love and makes you feel alive! Often, we instinctively know when we look our best. And, when we look good, we feel better about ourselves. Color is energy, just like everything else. Bring your unique personality out with colors selected to represent you and your badass mojo. I have 3 signature colors for my business brand that I wear all the time: fuchsia, cobalt blue, and black. And, they happen to look fabulous on me! Just experiment with your look until you hit the bulls eye!

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