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4 Reasons Your Job Could Be Stressing You Out

***This post was contributed and may contain affiliate links. There are different kinds of stress and everyone deals with it differently. For some, a little stress throughout the day is actually helpful, as it can push them to get results. But when stress takes over your life, makes you irritable or despondent all the time, you need to make some changes. Though your stress could be from any number of things, here are 4 reasons your job could be stressing you out.

Reasons Your Job Could Be Stressing You Out #1: You’re Overworked

During busy times and crunch periods, you may have to carry an extra load for your company. However, if you are always in a high production mode without appropriate rest, you’re being overworked.

Sometimes, efficiently handling a large workload could be as simple as improving your time-management skills. The right software, tools, and manpower can help you do your job better and quicker. Talk to your boss about your current workload and what your needs are. Together, you should be able to come up with a plan that helps you and the company.

Reasons Your Job Could Be Stressing You Out #2: Expectations Are Too High

First, let’s talk about the expectations you hold for yourself. Perfectionism can be like having a ball and chain around your ankle. It’s always telling you that nothing is good enough. This creates the need to keep working on things beyond what is necessary. Don’t get me wrong, quality work is always a good thing, however, don’t take it to the point of extreme stress. You might think that being perfect is what employers want, but, on the contrary, it could be holding you back. Employers want team players who know when to release projects in a timely manner. 

Secondly, your employer might be expecting too much from you. Perhaps the company is down a person or two, creating extra work for you that really isn’t your job. I understand filling in on occasion, but you should never be forced to do someone else’s job for a long period of time. This is not only unhealthy but creates resentment and tons of stress.

Reasons Your Job Could Be Stressing You Out #3: It’s Physically Demanding

Physical and mental stress are linked. If you’re coming home aching every day from work, it’s going to affect your mental state as well. Physically demanding work doesn’t just happen on factory lines or construction sites. Your body can be taxed from many different things, including simple, easy things you do every day. Things like repetitive strain injury and back issues can happen to office and retail workers. It’s important to know how to eliminate or limit these strains.

When I worked in an office, I was fortunate to have an ergonomic chair that helped me prevent injury. Check out the chairs at this leading source of ergonomic furniture. Taking breaks and stretching can also be helpful to reduce common physical stress and injury.

Reasons Your Job Could Be Stressing You Out #4: You’re Isolated

It might not even be the work itself that is the issue but the environment in which you work. Though some people work better alone than with others, it can be a source of mental stress for those who don’t. Building good work relationships is an important part of feeling fulfilled at any job. Tackling work isolation is something that may take both you and your boss to accomplish. If you are physically isolated from others, maybe moving your workspace would help. You also may need to make yourself available during breaks and work gatherings to interact with others.

Whether your actual job, the environment, or certain people at work create stress, there is always a way to make it better. Communication with your employer is always the best place to start if you think he or she can help. Do also think about why you have this job and whether it’s what you really want. Changes can be small or large, but any effort to reduce stress will ultimately serve you.


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