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4 Ways To Handle Stress As A Media Manager

Whether you’re a social media manager, work in the communications department of a business, or own your business, interacting with the core consumer market is everything.  Representing a business in a clear and productive way, and doing so without getting stressed out, could be the difference between success and failure. Sometimes complicated personal problems can melt into our job, especially one that requires so much attention to detail. Media management is that kind of job. I’ve done it for my own business and some for clients, and it’s not without challenge and stress. Here is a short outline of 4 ways to handle stress as a media manager.

Handle Stress As A Media Manager #1: Have a Morning Routine

Having a routine in your life is a life-changer! I never felt organized or competent until I started taking personal time each morning. If you start your day in peace and confidence, the mood stays with you throughout the day. Your mind is clearer and your body knows exactly what you expect of it. Those details will come more easily. Though I’ve tried many different morning routines, I found yoga to be a fantastic way to calm your nerves. Anything that you do that brings about harmony of mind and body prepares you for even the craziest of days.

Handle Stress As A Media Manager #2: Release Your Ideas on Paper and Verbally

Have you ever been kept awake by an endless avalanche of ideas and scenarios? Yeah, I don’t get much sleep when it happens. That is until I started writing it all down before bed. I intentionally set a notebook and pen on my nightstand so I’m ready for anything that comes…even dreams. Once I set my thoughts to paper, I can rest because I have set the intention to act on them. All I have to do is grab my notebook and off I go to the next meeting or task.

Do you ever play the “I should have said that” game with yourself? Yeah, me too. So I stopped doing that. Though I don’t share everything that I think about, I release most of it. I also find that speaking up to colleagues and clients helps me to feel empowered. In turn, I don’t worry as much about my performance on a project. This has been essential to claiming an effective role as a businesswoman. 

Handle Stress As A Media Manager #3: Create Your Media Calendar

Keeping a tight schedule for your business, multiple clients or departments can be like the middle of a whirlwind. To simplify things, create yourself some sweet editorial calendar ideas. Plan each day out and know exactly what you have to do the whole week. This helps prevent distractions and getting away from crucial tasks. You’ll also be able to spread out and organize your topics, and who you’re assigning them to. 

I also like to color code the tasks for each day. It really helps me to be clear about where my time goes. I stay on track with all the various content and can see what I’ve already done. Though I keep an online calendar, I also enjoy having a hard copy. 

Handle Stress As A Media Manager #4: Keep Quality Records for Yourself and Your Team

You’re in charge of possibly many social media accounts, blogging, and, perhaps, even dealing with questions and faulty issues with products. It’s your responsibility to relay any concerns or feedback that customers have to the appropriate people. This alone can be a monumental task that can create some stress.  

I recommend keeping a log of all complaints and inquiries. Don’t try to remember it all, even if you only deal with one business or website. I record everything when I am dealing with clients’ social media and websites. This allows you to notice trends which can highlight what needs to be urgently addressed. 

Being right at the heart of content that speaks to consumers is an important role. Keeping a sense of control and peace doing this job is just as important. I believe doing things to keep organized in your mind first will always help you do a better job. With that kind of discipline, your tasks will come more easily as a media manager of your business or someone else’s.


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