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4 Ways To Get Fit With Your Significant Other

You and your significant other realize you could be in better shape. Your schedules are tight, and neither of you want to sacrifice time with one another to go to the gym. Have you considered finding an activity that you both love and can do together? Let’s face it, getting in good physical condition is harder if you’re surrounded by people who are apathetic about fitness. On the other side of the coin, getting fit is far easier if you and your partner have similar goals and can support each other. Here are my top ways to get fit with your significant other?

Get Fit with Your Significant Other #1: Know the Big Why

One of the biggest motivators for fitness is to have a “big why”. That means you know exactly why you are doing this fitness plan with your loved one. The more specific this goal or “why” is, the easier it will be to keep going when things get tough…and they will, trust me. Make sure this goal motivates you both equally. This can be anything like an upcoming event that you want to look good for or simply living longer for your family.

Get Fit with Your Significant Other #2: Invest in the Right Equipment and Active Wear

It helps your fitness journey along if you have the right tools to get you to your goals. Remember, since you’re doing it as a team, you may need to invest in multiple pieces of equipment. This is if you want to do most of your workouts at home. Of course, you will want to have appropriate attire and safety gear. I’ve even heard of couples purchasing silicone wedding rings to withstand the wear-and-tear of your new an active lifestyle. 

Get Fit With Your Significant Other #3: Tailor an Eating Plan to Suit Each of You

It’s important to understand that each person has individual caloric and food plan needs. This is especially true when we are talking about the differences between men and women. Men need more calories and carbs in general than women do. You may think you can follow the same diet, and that may be true as far as actual food content. However, you will have to tailor it to meet specific macros and caloric needs.

Be careful not to assume anything about fats and carbs, even if you’ve heard certain things about them. Some people don’t do well eating too few carbs and fats. Frankly, starving yourselves of these important nutrients may be a terrible idea. This is especially true if you both plan to engage in strenuous exercise and endurance types of workouts.

The reason for this is largely due to the fact that the muscles — and the brain, too — use glucose, generally in the form of glycogen, in order to fuel strenuous effort. Additionally, a low carb diet can even cause you or your partner to have a depressed mood and cognitive ability. 

Get Fit With Your Significant Other #4: Have a Little Healthy Competition

Most humans are naturally motivated by competition. This is evident in workout classes, as it’s easier to do more and your best when others are there. Create this same type of competition between the two of you.

In fact, take it to another level by challenging each other with specific goals. For example, challenge the other to weight or fat loss over a period of time. How about how many sit-ups or push up you both can do in 5 minutes. It will be fun to see where you start as opposed to where you end up in the challenge.

You want the competition between you and your significant other to remain supportive and lighthearted rather than harsh. Another challenge could be who can get up the earliest to workout. An early morning start will help your metabolism and give you some extra time together. Remember to “bring it,” as they say. Don’t let the other win. Give it your best effort.


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