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5 Crucial Considerations Before Choosing A Vasectomy For Birth Control

I understand the challenges that choosing and implementing a birth control plan create. This decision can be challenging because it takes a level of commitment from both parties involved. The options vary, depending on your relationship, health, and willingness to stick to a routine. That said, options like getting a vasectomy for birth control it is not a decision to be taken lightly or alone. I highly recommend taking the time to consider carefully how your partner having such a procedure could affect your life and future.

Here are 4 crucial considerations before choosing a vasectomy for birth control.

What is It and What Should You and Your Partner Expect? 

A vasectomy is a simple surgical procedure that cuts the tube in the penis that delivers sperm (I kind of cringed just typing that sentence). Moving on…a vasectomy is known to be a statistically reliable way to prevent unwanted pregnancies. However, your partner will need to give seminal fluid samples to make sure there is no sperm detected. 

The surgical procedure is done outpatient and usually doesn’t cause much downtime for the patient. Men are encouraged to rest for at least 24 hours and only do light activity for a couple of days. Sexual activity, lifting, and exercise are discouraged for a week following the procedure, as well. Some pain is normal and can be minimized with tight-fitting underwear, acetaminophen, and ice for the first couple of days. I encourage you and your partner to learn more about vasectomies here.  

Is Your Relationship Committed and Stable? 

When possibly choosing a permanent birth control option, consider the state of your relationship carefully. Talk about whether you share the same values and life goals for now and the future. The last thing you want is a permanent birth control strategy when you are not on the same page. 

Nowadays, relationships take different forms, as do relationship commitments. It’s worth exploring your ideas about the relationship and the future before making any significant life changes. Communicate constructively with your partner with regular check-in sessions. 

Do You Want More Children? 

If you are in a committed relationship, you might decide you don’t want children, or you don’t want any more children. This is a strong reason for a partner to get a vasectomy because it gives you a reliable method of birth control that is effortless and has many extra benefits. 

Perhaps you have talked about not having any more kids but are unsure about making a permanent choice. I get it. Sometimes, we unexpectedly change our minds down the road. This can happen to either of you or both. If you can’t make this determination right now, then don’t do anything permanent.

Do you Want Better Spontaneous Sex? 

Birth control pills are probably the easiest and most effective method for women to prevent pregnancy, but they can cause problems. They are somewhat inconvenient and can also disrupt hormone balance and affect your sex drive. With a vasectomy, both of you can enjoy your natural sex drives without having to think about contraception options during inconvenient moments.

Do You Want Better a Birth Control? 

If you decide you don’t want any more children, and then your birth control fails, it causes some abrupt changes to weather and decisions to make. Accidents happen, and they can turn your life upside down. I remember worrying about getting pregnant frequently even though I was taking precautions. Remember, the only thing that is a full-proof way to avoid pregnancy is to not have sex. Though a vasectomy is one of the most effective methods of birth control, it has fallen short for some unsuspecting couples. Even so, it is still way more reliable than most other options.


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