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Stop Menstrual Pain Naturally

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What is the best way to curb menstrual pain naturally?

Dr. Lamse’s Answer:

Monthly womanly woes used to incapacitate me if I did not take high-dose Ibuprofen.  However, I stopped the Ibuprofen after it affected my gut negatively, and I started searching for natural ways to relieve pain.

The following exercise does away with my back and abdominal pain in 5 minutes (don’t perform if you are pregnant):

While lying in bed, place two tennis balls along the side of your lower spine.  The tennis balls should apply pressure on the muscles that are aligned along the spine like “railroad tracks.”  Breath in, as you feel your whole body expanding all around (imagine a “blob” that is expanding with the in-breath, and getting smaller with the out-breath).  Breath out, as you feel your whole body spreading onto the bed like a puddle, or like melting butter.

Start with the lower spine, and move the balls along up the entire spine.  Spent 2-3 breaths or more at each spine level.  I tried practicing on the floor, but the tennis balls were sticking out too high and it was painful, so I like the bed because the balls are not protruding as much.

This exercise employs the practice of acupressure.  In Chinese medicine, the lower back is associated with the bladder, the kidneys, and the reproductive system; upper back tensions are considered to have a psychological source (ex: pain between shoulder blades may indicate that one is pushing oneself too hard, or may be a sign of a grieved, or “broken” heart, or a heartache that was never properly dealt with).  People with lung problems (such as asthma) and heart disease also tend to have tension in the upper back.

Though results may vary, don’t be surprised if the health of the above-mentioned organs improves with the practice of this exercise.
Don’t stop any meds without your doctor’s advice, and call your doctor if any pain intensifies.

Wishing you all good health,
Dr. Lamse

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