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5 Obstacles To Living The Life Of Your Dreams

***This post was contributed and may contain affiliate links. Have you ever noticed how the universe seems to put obstacles in your path just as you try to improve your life?  I’m not sure if this is the case or we just realize that change is not as easy as we often think it will be. Nevertheless, if we want a better life, we must press through the challenges with wisdom, clarity, and understanding. Watch out for these 5 obstacles to living the life of your dreams.

Obstacles to Living the Life of Your Dreams #1: Poor Time Management

Why is there never enough time to get everything done? There are two answers to this. The first is that we all have the same 24-hours in a day. If it seems that you don’t have enough time, then you’re either trying to do too much or you don’t have a plan. The second is ask yourself if you’re prioritizing the task you wish to complete. If so, why not? 

Give yourself quality tools to manage time. Having a digital calendar, as well as one in a desk format, helps to keep important tasks and events in front of you at all times. I always choose a hard copy that goes with my personality. My present one is called The Badass Planner! I also keep a huge whiteboard in my office that I use colorful markers on. It gives me a creative way to plan my day, week, and month. Managing your time well will enable you to reach goals more efficiently. This, in turn, helps to create the life of your dreams. 

Obstacles to Living the Life of Your Dreams #2: Poor Health

Poor health holds you back…period. If you’re regularly in need of a 24 hour doctor, it’s time to address these health issues once and for all. First, don’t skip your annual check up. That goes for your physical, dental, hearing, and vision. If the doctor wants you to get some routine tests done, do it! Furthermore, if you’re having problems in any area, seek medical advice. Letting things go will not serve your health or life. My mother died from cancer because she avoided seeing a doctor when she first noticed a problem. 

Do what you have to do to better your overall lifestyle. Eat well, limit alcohol, and get your body moving as much as you can. Any of these activities will improve your health. With better health, you will be able to more of what you love!

Obstacles to Living the Life of Your Dreams #3: Poor Money Management

You may not be able to live as comfortably on your wage as you could just a few years ago. This calls for some savvy wisdom where your money is concerned. Look for ways you and your family can handle money more efficiently. Simple things like making a budget and following it, clipping coupons, and cutting back on luxury spending can all help to make ends meet. 

Get the kids involved, as they need to learn how to properly handle money, as well. I like to give my kids jobs and clear pay or rewards, so they know what to expect. They love being able to buy things for themselves. The thing that has helped my family the most is knowing where we are financially. That way there are no surprises lingering around the corner.

Obstacles to Living the Life You Want #4: Negative Attitude

A negative attitude and poor self-esteem get in the way of achieving just about everything. If you feel yourself slipping into a funk, take some time to investigate the possible causes. It could just be you have poor quality sleep, stress, a poor diet and a lack of motivation. So how do you turn your focus back on? Work through any emotional blocks and give yourself a chance to move forward.

Jot down what you want to achieve. Next to each item, write down why you want to achieve it. Finally, add what positive outcome or effect getting the task done will offer. Visualizing your life after meeting the challenge can help you do it. Find simple ways to turn bad moods and negativity around.

Obstacles to Living the Life of Your Dreams #5: The Wrong People

Sometimes other people can be the obstacle we need to get past. Most of us have been in relationships that have dragged us down and even become poisonous to our well-being. If any relationship has become more of a one-way street, it may be time to make some changes to balance things out again. Your life and dreams are your responsibility. Make choices that serve your greater good and that will give you the life you want. If you have to walk away from some negative or toxic people, so be it. Don’t ever feel bad for doing what’s right for you.

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