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5 Powerful Tips To Have Greater Health Now

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When we think about our health, we can often take it at face value. If we look and feel good, it’s safe to assume that we’re healthy. But, that’s not always the case. There could by hidden issues in your body that could take years to show up or cause symptoms. Early warnings signs could be passed up if they are not severe enough to get your attention.  Also, most people rely on the word of their doctors that they are perfectly fine. Even professionals miss things if there are no complaints or signs of disease.

I have learned over many years of dealing with chronic illness and autoimmune disease that you can’t take anything for granted. There is so much going on inside our bodies that we can’t possibly assume anything. I recommend taking some time to really assess your present state of health and wellness. Together, with your health care providers, you can be healthier this year. So, it’s time to start taking control of your health and do more to ensure you will live longer and happier for yourself and family. Here are my top 5 tips for greater health!

Greater Health Now Tip #1: Eat Well

Your doctor and family may have been telling you this for a while, but it really is time to listen – you need to eat well. So many foods smell and taste amazing, but they’re so bad for your body. You don’t have to cut them out altogether, but you would serve your health by limiting them. Eat a sensible, balanced diet rich in quality proteins, fats, veggies, fruits, and fiber. You and your doctor can tailor your eating plan to meet any specific dietary needs for illness or allergies.

Greater Health Now Tip #2: Stay Stress-Free

It’s no secret that stress can be a killer. But that doesn’t make it any easier to cut out. Whether you lead a busy, stressful lifestyle or your personality is the kind that creates worry, it can be hard to deal with. Yes, if you are facing problems, then it’s in your own best interest, health and otherwise, to try and sort them out. If there are things that you are not handling well, consider getting help from your healthcare provider. He or she should be able to help you make a plan to more efficiently deal with stressful situations. 

Taking up yoga, meditation, or simply taking walks can be valuable sources for relieving tension and worry. Also, stay in touch with friends and family through difficult times. We all need a strong support system in our lives. A stress-free life is a more enjoyable life, remember that.

Greater Health Now Tip #3: Be Careful and Wise When Away from Home

Because of some symptoms from MS, I have to be very careful how and where I walk. Things like holding on to rails for balance have become a way of life for me. I do, however, know how easy it is to forget such things when I am out of my home, traveling or simply out of my comfort zone. Bottom line, it’s easy to look after your health and safety when you’re at home and in your normal routine, but it definitely feels different when you’re not.

Another thing to consider is health care accommodations when you travel. You should know exactly where a hospital, immediate care facility, and a 24-hour pharmacy if you or any of your family has health issues. It would be wise to understand how health care and emergency care services are performed in any foreign country you may visit. International Air Ambulance and ground transportation services may be different from your home country, so do your research before you travel.

Greater Health Now Tip #4: Stay Hydrated

You might not know it, but proper hydration is one of the most ignored health pillars. Even if you think you’re drinking enough water, you may not be. Experts say, that to ensure sufficient hydration, you need to consume daily half of your body weight in ounces (or convert this to metric). That is a lot of water! When our bodies are healthy and hydrated, our organs function better; we have more energy; we’re less bloated, and we can sleep better. Yes, getting enough water can be somewhat of a health miracle if you haven’t been getting the right amount. It can also help prevent illness. So, if you’re serious about focusing on your health, increase your water intake.

Greater Health Now Tip #5: Get Regular Checkups

Even if you don’t feel sick or have any symptoms, it’s important to get regular checkups. Your doctor will help you to keep track of your health and monitor things like your weight, blood pressure, and BMI. Although not always, these things can be indicators of your state of health. Plus, if there is something amiss, you’ll be able to deal with it early, rather than letting things get worse.

Make sure to write down any questions or concerns you have before the day of your appointment. Doctors are busy and need you to be forthright about your true state of health. No lying to your doctor about what you eat, drink or your exercise. Be honest, so he or she can properly assess your physical heath and make accurate recommendations.

**** This post is strictly informational and is not meant to replace the advice of your health care provider. Women’s lifelink, it’s owners, administrators, contributors, affiliates, vendors, authors and editors do not claim that this information will diagnose, treat, or improve any condition or disease.

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